Foire Papier – Papier Art Fair | 19-22 April 2018 | Foire d’art contemporain | Contemporary Art Fair
Montreal, Quebec

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Fazakas Gallery is excited to be exhibiting at Papier Montreal in April. Papier Art Fair is dedicated to the medium of paper, and to the possibilities it offers.

The Supper Club
Fazakas Gallery will be exhibiting collaborative works on paper by three Canadian artists; Rande Cook, Carollyne Yardley and Noah Becker. This threesome began collaborating during an evening out at a restaurant on the west coast of Canada.
Cook, Yardley, and Becker continue with their own art practices, but united for what they call The Supper Club. This social gathering was an effortless way to meet in the evenings after working at separate studios. The drawings began in the midst of a bustling and dimly lit Spanish-themed restaurant, with paper laid out on the table and drawing tools arranged alongside wine glasses and utensils.
This convergence occured several more times; at different restaurants, a private club, and at one of the artists’ home. Each assembly of The Supper Club featured the sharing of a meal between friends.
The results are spontaneous explosions of playful and friendly marks and remarks; the interchange of loops, dashes, ravens, squirrels, faces, clouds, and formline.
These works on paper have separated themselves by tone and energy unique to each evening – a collection of four drawings per night. A warm summer night elicited colour, clouds, playfulness, pop culture motifs, hallucinations, escape, and dreams – all intermingling like thought bubbles. By contrast, a fall evening generated vertical renderings featuring nature, trees, skulls, growth and earthly elements. 
The Supper Club drawings serve as a record of the artists’ friendship, and a diary of the thoughts / emotions at work by their subconscious minds during collaboration. What’s most interesting, however, is the serendipity experienced gazing at this trinity of unstructured, unfettered, yet graceful pen to paper dance steps.
RANDE COOK (Kwakwaka’wakw)
Beyond his duties as chief of Vancouver Island’s ’Namgis Nation and his commitments as an in-demand contemporary artist with an international practice, Cook just completed two back-to-back terms as the Audain Professor of Contemporary Art Practice of the Pacific Northwest with the Visual Arts department
Carollyne Yardley’s self-coined term ‘Squirrealism’ is used to describe a deep exploration of metamorphosis and identity through her richly detailed neo-classical inspired paintings of masks and hybrid/animal beings.  She was also successful in maintaining her registered trademark Carollyne® after being subjected to an expungement proceeding by a large U.S. toy manufacturer.
Noah Becker’s multimedia practice includes writing, publishing, and films, but he is best known for his paintings, which use the idiom of classical portraiture to explore the formal and allegorical possibilities of the human figure. Becker further examines art historical themes and tropes as the Editor-in-Chief of Whitehot Magazine.