CAROLLYNE YARDLEY is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher based on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples known today as the Songhees and Xwsepsum (Esquimalt) NationsShe holds an MFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and a BA (Double Major) in Art History and Psychology from the University of Victoria. Her research-creation practice is informed by a years-long relationship with native and introduced urban animals whose territory includes her home.

Carollyne with doe and fawn. June 29th, 2018. Photo credit: Anonymouse.

Yardley’s research-creation practice repurposes organic and anthropogenic materials to explore animal-human relations and to speculate possible futures in hybrid development – both co-evolutionary and through human intervention. Through assemblage, photography, video, and installation, her artworks incorporate walking, intuition, touch, and chance to investigate the collective consciousness of our relationship with urban wildlife, the tensions between toxicity and regeneration, and interconnectedness of multi-species communities.

She is represented by Fazakas Gallery (Vancouver), Madrona Gallery (Victoria) and has exhibited across Canada, as well as internationally. Most recently, Carollyne was awarded the Governor General Academic Gold Medal for her MFA thesis. Her art research has been published in Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities and becoming-Feral, a print and digital publication creatively exploring the relations between humans and other animals. She also presented her paper, Squirrealism: Psychometry (IIC) in Artistic Practice, at the 2023 Multispecies Methods Research Symposium: Intuitive Interspecies Communication, University of Saskatchewan, discussing multispecies relations in urban environments.

Yardley has garnered all levels of press in Canada, featured by Canadian Art Magazine, Border Crossings, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, CTV News, CBC Radio, and the covers of several books and magazines. She was also successful in maintaining her registered trademark Carollyne® after being subjected to an expungement proceeding by a large U.S. toy manufacturer.

#synanthropes #squirrealism #transgene #intuitiveinterspeciescommunication #collaboration #urbananimals #biodiversity #sympoiesis #kinship #animality #hybrid #anti-colonialism

2021  MFA, Emily Carr University of Art + Design (Advisor: Dr. Randy Lee Cutler, Committee members: Dr. Natalie Loveless and Dr. Magnolia Pauker)
1997  BA (Psychology and Art History, Double Major), University of Victoria

2022   Governor General’s Academic Medal (Gold), Highest Academic Standing, Emily Carr University of Art + Design
2023 RECLAIM Public Art Residency with Germaine Koh, STEPS and the Victoria Arts Council

2023 “Squirrealism: Psychometry (IIC) in artistic practice.” [Online presentation] International Multispecies Methods Research Symposium, University of Saskatchewan, May 8-12.
2022 Becoming-with Squirrel: A companion of thought.” HUMN 308-F091-2022, Studies in Illustration Genres (Characterization of Animals Relations) at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
Madrona Gallery, Victoria, BC

2023 Yardley, C. (2023, May 8-12). Squirrealism: Psychometry (IIC) in artistic practice. [Online paper] International
Multispecies Methods Research Symposium, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada, forthcoming.
2021 Yardley, Carollyne. “Eastern Grey Squirrel.” becoming-Feral: a book of beasts. Objet-a-Creative Studio, Glasgow, Nov. 2021,  pp. 116-119.
2021 Yardley, Carollyne. Sympoetics of Squirrealism. 2021. Emily Carr University of Art and Design Library, MFA thesis. 
2021  Yardley, Carollyne. “Holobionts: Making and Living through Squirrealism.” Ecocene: Cappadocia Journal of Environmental Humanities, vol. 2, no. 1, July 2021, pp. 109-17, doi:10.46863/ecocene.36.

2022 Becoming Plastic, Deluge Contemporary Art (Canada Council for the Arts Grant), Victoria BC (March 18 to April 16)
2017 Shapeshifting (with Rande Cook), Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2014 Ravenous (with Rande Cook), Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria BC
2013 Romancing the Squirrel, Apartment Gallery, Victoria BC

2023 RECLAIM, Public Art Culture Days, Rotunda Building, Victoria BC (Oct 3-13)
2023 RECLAIM Public Art Exhibition, Victoria Arts Council, Pat Martin Bates Gallery, Victoria BC
2022 The Show, MFA Graduate Exhibition, Libby Leshgold Gallery, Vancouver BC
2021 Becoming, Thesis Exhibition, Emily Carr University of Art+ Design, Vancouver BC
2021 Colours of Summer XII, Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC
2020 Living Room, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2020 Colours of Summer XI, Madrona Gallery, Victoria BC
2019 Unstoppable, Winchester Galleries, Victoria BC
2019 Shape/Colour/Form, Winchester Galleries, Victoria BC
2018 Sole Train to Night Market, Fluevog Shoes, Victoria BC
2017  In the Mood for Love, Poly Culture Art Centre, Vancouver BC
2017 FIVE, Winchester Galleries, Victoria BC
2017 SHE-I-LA: Women, Art, and Production, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2016 All Together is the Best Example, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2016 Divergent Convergence, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2016 Imaginary Friends, Open Space Arts Society, Victoria BC
2015 SHE: Diversity in Feminism, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver BC
2015 Co-Mix Art, Martin Bachelor Gallery, Victoria BC
2015 Pride in Art: The Queer Truth & Nothing But, Fifty-Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria BC
2013 Difference and Repetition, Slide Room Gallery, Victoria BC
2013 #Strangelings: Paintings by Pixel Wizards, Massey Gallery, Victoria BC
2013 Curiouser: Contemporary Responses to Alice in Wonderland, Fifty-Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria BC

2018 Art Toronto, via Fazakas Gallery, Toronto ON
2018 Seattle Art Fair, via Fazakas Gallery, Seattle WA.
2018 Papier Montréal, via Fazakas Gallery, Montréal QC
2017 Art Toronto, via Fazakas Gallery; Toronto ON
2016 Art Toronto, via Fazakas Gallery; Toronto ON


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2023  “Squirrealism: Psychometry in artistic practice” Interspecies communication action project:   International Multispecies Methods Research Symposium, University of Saskatchewan,        forthcoming.
2016  Guest Speaker. “Rande Cook (K’alapa) and Carollyne Yardley discuss collaboration,” Sidney   Fine Art Show Opening Night, Mary Winspear Centre
2015  Guest Speaker. “Business of Art Workshop,” Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria,      Victoria College of Art
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2014    Community Council of Greater Victoria, 15th Annual LOOK Show
2012    Victoria Emerging Art Awards, Emerging Art Gallery

2022    Current. Director, Garry Oak Meadow Preservation Society
2022    Current. Volunteer, Community Trees Matter Network
2021     Current. Director, RNA and Co-Chair, RNA Land Use Committee

2023  Attendee. The Wildlife Society – BC Chapter & Canadian Section 2023. Joint Conference.
2023  Attendee. “Carceral Logics and Animal Law Annual Lecture in Animal Rights Law and Policy, University of Victoria. Lecture by Justin Marceau, JD Sturm College of Law,     University of Denver (USA).

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