Photo credit: Suzanne Wilkinson

Carollyne is a visual artist and formerly a creative director, and her work is informed by both these disciplines. She received a Bachelor of Art from the University of Victoria, where she completed a Double Major in Psychology, and History in Art. She also studied at the Visual Arts Department (Faculty of Fine Art, University of Victoria), Victoria College of Art, and The Ryder Studio School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Squirrealism is a self-coined term used to describe her signature style of fine artwork employing squirrels, hybrid humans, and masks, which have separated themselves into distinct bodies such as “alchemy,” “metamorphosis,” “identity,” yet what they hold in common is an ongoing investigation into the animation of the human existence.

Yardley’s richly detailed oil paintings began by reinterpreting the Renaissance fondness for painting squirrels as pets, and in still life imagery. Masks and hybrid humans emerged next, with portraits exploring both therianthropy (the ancient belief of shapeshifting, and animal ancestors), and theriocephaly (animal-headed humanoid forms such as the ancient Egyptian gods Ra, Sobek, and Anubis).

Shapeshifting, humanoid forms, and masks were further examined in her work when artist Chief Rande Cook (Kwakwaka’wakw), invited Carollyne to collaborate on Ravenous (2014), a two person exhibition which used personal identities, humour and storytelling to engage and remind viewers that art is alive, influenced, and constantly changing. Their second collaboration, Shapeshifting (April 2017) included the history of Northwest Coast portrait masks, allegories for understanding adaption, the role of balance, and the necessity of bringing traditional forms of Northwest Coast design to the forefront of contemporary art.

Carollyne Yardley has garnered all levels of press in Canada, featured in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, CTV News, CBC Radio, online weblogs, and the covers of several books and magazines. She was also successful in maintaining her registered trademark Carollyne® after being subjected to an expungement proceeding by a large U.S. toy manufacturer.

She is represented by Winchester Galleries (Victoria, BC), and Fazakas Gallery (Vancouver, BC).


According to Pythagorus, the rational mind, once freed from the body, assumes an ethereal vehicle and passes into the region of the dead where it remains until it is sent back to this world to inhabit some other body, human or animal. The concept of reincarnation reminds me of two pivotal moments in my life that took place several years ago. The first was when my career as a creative in high tech completed its life cycle and I was freed to reinvent myself. The second was the day I happened upon a dying squirrel in my garden. My attempts to rescue this sentient being had a strong effect on me. A short while later the elements of the experience were transmuted into my artwork – and thus, Squirrealism was born.

My background as the founder, co-owner and  creative director of a software application, and web development company left me with an enduring interest in observing first impressions and monitoring user experiences based on visual cues. We tend to identify people / businesses based on their outward appearance, or brand. Our heuristic reasoning is powered by pattern recognition and association. When applied to social interaction, this makes us natural stereotypers. By replacing the human face with a mask, the viewer is forced to contemplate the identity of the entity within, and is manipulated into classifying the characters based on arbitrary features such as clothing and hairstyle.

A storyteller at heart, my work is based on transgene characters, secret squirrels, misfits, and alienation. Or perhaps, an alien nation. The squirrel face / mask is my cipher, and a metaphor for the hidden self. I am currently exploring character development through portraiture.

2009 Workshop in Painting (2 weeks) Tony Ryder – Ryder Studio School, Santa Fe, NM, USA.
2007/8 Painting and Drawing (evening classes) – Victoria College of Art, Victoria, BC, Canada.
1997 Bachelor of Arts, (concurrent Double Major Psychology, History in Art) – University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2 years Visual Arts Department – University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.

2010-2016 Artist: Carollyne Yardley Omnimedia
1997-2012 Founder, Co-owner, Creative Director: Star Global Advanced IT Corp. Ltd.
(A pioneer in web development and software applications. Star Global was a boutique agency of 5 staff, serving over 700 clients throughout North America).


2018 Papier Montreal, Fazakas Gallery, Montreal, Canada (Supper Club (Carollyne Yardley, Rande Cook and Noah Becker), Charlene Vickers, Mark Preston)
2017 Art Toronto, Fazakas Gallery, Toronto, Canada (Rande Cook and Carollyne Yardley).
2016 Art Toronto, Fazakas Gallery, Toronto, Canada. (Beau Dick, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Carlos Colín, Carollyne Yardley (Rande Cook), Mark Preston).

2013 Romancing the Squirrel. Apartment Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.

2017 Shapeshifting (Rande Cook (K’alapa) and Carollyne Yardley), Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
2014 Ravenous. (Rande Cook (K’alapa) and Carollyne Yardley), Alcheringa Gallery,  Victoria, BC, Canada.

2017 In the Mood for Love – An Exhibition featuring Chines and Canadian Artists, Poly Cultural Art Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2017 FIVE (Vicky Christou, Jeremy Mangan, Neil McLelland, Sean Mills, Carollyne Yardley), Winchester Galleries, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2017 SHEILA: Women, Art, and Production, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
2016 All Together is the Best Example, Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
2016 Divergent Convergence. (Beau Dick, Corey Bulpitt, Carlos Colin, Mark Preston, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Rosa Quintana, Don Yeomans), Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
2016 Imaginary Friends. Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2015 Winter Exhibition. Winchester Galleries, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2015 Christmas Show and Sale. Massey Gallery (AGGV), Victoria, BC, Canada.
2015 SHE: Diversity in Feminism. Fazakas Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
2014 Co-Mix Art. Martin Batchelor Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2014 Paint In. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, “Paint-In”, July 19, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2014 Pride in Art, The Queer Truth and Nothing But. Fifty Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2013 Difference and Repetition. Slide Room Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2013 #Strangelings: Paintings by Pixel Wizards. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2013 House Tour. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Artist in Residence, Victoria, BC.
2013  Colours of Summer. Madrona Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.
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2013  Curiouser: Contemporary Responses to Alice in Wonderland. Fifty Fifty Arts Collective, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2012  Christmas Salon and Exhibition. Apartment Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2012  Christmas Small Works. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC. Weblog.
2012  Grand Opening with Lu Jun – Wind Lotus. Apartment Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2012  Summer Small Works ExhibitionArt Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada.
2012  Sidney Fine Art Show. (Juried), Sidney, BC, Canada.
2012  Sooke Fine Art Show. (Adjudicated), Sooke, BC. Weblog.
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