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Symbiogenetic Weave, Beacon Hill Park (Fall), Victoria BC, 9″ x 11″ x 2.5″, peafowl feathers, squirrel hair, Garry oak tree branches, human hair, salt and Borax crystals, string, yarn, tulle, wool, 2019. It was while collecting acorns, that I started picking up peafowl feathers too. And then a peacock walked past me, and I followed [...]



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Peacock feathers, dyed human hair, untreated human hair, salt and borax crystals, cypress tree, hat pin, 6″ x 3″, 2019. Feathers, human hair, and salt crystals The peacock feathers for these assemblages were foraged from Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC. These experiments include dyed blue and red human hair gifted me, plus salt and borax [...]

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Peacock feathers, acorn cupule, squirrel hair, human hair, 3′ x 4.5′, 2019. These assemblages represent the intertwining histories and shared space of the Indian (blue) peafowl, humans, Eastern Grey squirrels and Garry Oak trees in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC. They are a collection of items representing a symbiosis of the park where I collected [...]

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Globalization of Animal Bodies

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Human hair and peacock feathers, 3.5" x 1.5", 2019 These assemblages are made from human hair gifted to me, and peacock feathers foraged from the grounds of Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC. Unlike most birds, peacocks do not derive their colours purely from pigments, but from a combination of pigments and photonic crystals. This combination [...]

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Holobionts 2019

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Holobionts 2019 installation view, plus detail. Squirrel hair, cat hair, magnolia petals, leaf skeleton, human hair, 30% wood fibre acrylic, wax, feather, oak tree branch, acorns. Holobionts are assemblages of different species that form ecological units. Lynn Margulis proposed that any physical association between individuals of different species for significant portions of their [...]

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Unstoppable | April 2 – 27, 2019 | Winchester Galleries

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  Photo of opening exhibition Thank you, collectors, friends and art lovers for attending the opening today. I’m thrilled to report that three of my paintings have found new homes already. Unstoppable is a group show and continues at Winchester Galleries Ltd. until April 27, 2019.   Unstoppable April 2 - 27, 2019 [...]

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shape/colour/form | Winchester Galleries | January 16 – February 2, 2019

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WINCHESTER GALLERIES shape/colour/form January 16 - February 2, 2019 Opening reception: Saturday, January 19, 2:00 - 4:00 pm. View show catalogue: Infinity Squirrel in window at Winchester Galleries, January 17, 2019 Infinity Squirrel, oil on panel, 30" diameter, 2017

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Squirrel Collection Database

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The Squirrel Collection Database (#squirreldatabase) is a database of objects, photos, and videos containing squirrel imagery gifted to me primarily from 2007 to the present day. One entry, however, is dated from almost a decade earlier. When my grandmother died she bequeathed me a vintage 1970’s Chalkware squirrel-shaped coin bank. Little did I know then, that this [...]

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