“I would like to gift you an ounce of angora wool if you are interested?” Read the first note. An incredible gift then appeared for me to experiment with from Bella Thelema and Skye and the bunnies of Golden Maple Farm. They have a small herd (6) of beautiful German bunnies 🐰 who love in colony on their farm. My hand just melted into the wool, I’m in love with this material. 🥰

Bella clips the bunnies every 90 days and it’s a totally painless, ethical, and comfortable process for them. They clean the rabbit 🐇 coats using a special air blower beforehand. Once shorn, they were a little sweater for a couple of weeks to stay warm until their wool grows back a bit. 

Swipe left for a photo of Rosemary Snowflake (bunny momma) and a basket of her babies from this spring (Apple Butter, Birch, Lavender, Snowdrop, and Honeydew).

Thank you Bella and Skye for this gorgeous material to experiment within my new works. I’m excited to see what happens! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Golden Maple Farm

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A special thanks to Sandra and Rod Froher for these found items. Gorgeous (birch?) bark from Saxe Point area (Victoria), 46 Canada goose feathers collected from Quennell Lake area (Nanaimo) and gigantic Indian (blue) peacock feathers from an older male at the grounds of Royal Roads University. I’ve provided a size comparison in the photo. Very grateful for their foraged items were all found, dropped or discarded by non-humans in our shared space. #symbiosis #bark #goose #peacock

Cathy Clarke donated brushed horsehair to me from Chief, a fowl she has homed since his birth. Chief is chestnut, with two white rear feet and a white blaze on his face and is now two and a half years old. His mom Nikki is a full Dutch Warmblood mare. His sire, Tribal King, is a tri-coloured Thoroughbred/Warmblood cross from Ontario.

Chief 2019 – photos of horsehair to come!