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By | October 21st, 2019|Art News, Art of Consumption|

Peacock feathers, dyed human hair, untreated human hair, salt and borax crystals, cypress tree, hat pin, 6″ x 3″, 2019. Feathers, human hair, and salt crystals The peacock feathers for these assemblages were foraged from Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC. These experiments include dyed blue and red human hair gifted me, plus salt and borax [...]

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By | October 13th, 2019|Art News, Art of Consumption, Squirrealism|

Peacock feathers, acorn cupule, squirrel hair, human hair, 3′ x 4.5′, 2019. These assemblages represent the intertwining histories and shared space of the Indian (blue) peafowl, humans, Eastern Grey squirrels and Garry Oak trees in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC. They are a collection of items representing a symbiosis of the park where I collected [...]

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Human Hair and Peacock Feathers

By | October 6th, 2019|Art of Consumption|

Human hair and peacock feathers, 3.5" x 1.5", 2019 In the studio this week I surrounded myself with the foraged materials collected over the last two weeks. Where I live in Victoria BC, we are experiencing the changes in weather associated the Fall season. The temperature gets colder, and the acorns begin to drop much [...]

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