It’s easy! The purpose of this project is to explore Victoria, BC’s relationship with two synanthropes: Eastern grey squirrels and Black-tailed deer. Synanthropes are a species that co-exist with humans in an urban environment and are often considered pests.

Tell us your urban tree squirrel or deer story, and share a photo. Or, if you could send a message to a squirrel or a deer, what would you say? We want to know more about the secret lives of squirrels and deer, and how the Eastern grey squirrel or Black-tailed deer is perceived through your direct experience. Do you have a heartwarming moment, or a terrible tale to tell? Write a few lines (up to 500 words) and up to 2 photos and Carollyne Yardley Omnimedia will use the data collected from this research into an artistic outcome.


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