My “collaboration” with the squirrels went well yesterday. This video clip is after 4 hours of watching a couple of squirrels pace around all sides. Finally, one juvenile squirrel jumped over the mud border (earth from the garden and tap water) and newsprint and landed on the Strathmore paper to eat a pecan. Earlier footage shows the exact moment the first squirrel jumped onto the paper, pushing it by several inches. Next time, I will use weights to secure the paper in place, and not use the newsprint to contain the mud border.

Collaboration with Eastern Grey Squirrels and Crow 06112018, 22′ x 30″, paper, dirt, water, and squirrel pee. Several squirrels, a crow, and CY.

It was interesting to see that the paper was peed on by two different squirrels. Gray squirrels have two main scent marking tools, urine and scent glands near the mouth. They will frequently urinate as they move along travel routes and they often stop and rub their oral scent glands as well.