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Vanity Fair Exhibition – Scottish National Portrait Gallery

By | September 23rd, 2008|Art of Consumption, Gallery and Museums Visits|

I returned from Scotland feeling refreshed and loving art. I will write more extensively later on, but for now, here is one of the highlights. I just love the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. They had 150 memorable portraits used on the covers of Vanity Fair magazine. Portraits ranged from Madonna to Katheryn Hepburn. Photographers such as Norma Jean Roy, Henry [...]

Joe Average – Winchester Art Gallery

By | August 22nd, 2008|Art News, Gallery and Museums Visits|

I had a quick visit to see the works by local artist (he lived here for 17 years), and now internationally famous, Joe Average at the Winchester Art Gallery on 1010 Broad Street today. Selected Works are on show from August 02 - 27, 2008, Victoria, BC. The signature painting used in the promotional materialhad been [...]

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