It started out with a simple Facebook post, sharing an article posted at Mashable on how the Internet had a field day Photoshopping Kim Kardashian’s butt from her “Paper Magazine” cover.

Then, there was a dare by my Facebook friend, Linda Rogers, to Photoshop Kim’s butt with my “almost famous” Bun Anus meme.

I rejected this dare, thinking of where my FACE would be if it were real. This hold out led Linda Rogers (Victoria’s poet laureate) to write a fabulous poem in honour of Kim Kardashian’s butt.

So, I relented and posted the Bun Anus meme.

Voila –  Kim Kardashian Butt Meme with Poem. It’s So Contemporary. Enjoy.


Poem to Kim Kardashian’s Butt. Dangerous Suburbs, by Linda Rogers.


DANGEROUS SUBURBS by Linda Rogers van Krugel

What lovelier shapes than wind 
eroded sandstone, salt-washed 
rocks at tidelines, sun-ripened 
peaches on garden walls? They 
beg the appetite; as do famous 
for being famous badonkadonks 
oiled and photoshopped on our 
billboards and men’s magazines. 

Bite me, kiss my ass they 
seem to say, worship my 
whoopiecakes. The worm’s 
in the apple; the serpent’s 
alive and well, long after 
the first garden became 

dangerous suburbs for colonisation.

Bend over, they say, assume 
the position, as rows of little 
children line up to take down 
their pants, never again to 
experience such intimacy, the 
sting of the switch, the ephemeral 
erection, both sides mesmerized 
by the arc of the philosopher’s 
whip, anticipation of feeling. 

Such beautiful calligraphy, a disturbance 
of air, signatures infidels borrow from 
jihadi poets to send fatwas to gravity 
challenged dookies rattling like change. 

Shake your change, shake your money-maker. 
You can’t take it with you, neither ass nor assets,.

music that inspires dementia ladies,
juke boxes filled with nickels and dimes, 
to get up and dance, so they forget 
everything: the taste of peaches and sex, 
the fear of whips, everything but the 
sound of waves, wind eroding stone…

the safe parameters of lust.


Bun Anus meme with Kim Kardashian’s Butt.