Occasionally, I Google my name to see if people who love my artwork talk about it, or post images online.  It gives me a chance to reblog, or retweet, and share the love.

A couple of days ago, I was searching online, and found there’s an Italian guy named Giuseppe Zappalà. He appears to be offering his original copy of Green Bun Squirrel, and at least three Marion Peck paintings, among others.

Text from the website under the heading Copie d’autore describes his offerings: http://gizah81.wix.com//restart#!copiedautore/ca4p
Riproduzione fedele di dipinti ad olio su tela e su tavola dal XVI sec. ai giorni nostri.

Faithful reproduction oil paintings on canvas and wood from the sixteenth century. the present day.

I can’t quite tell if this is a test website, or if it’s for real? Was it a school project? Or? It does appear, however, that he has painted his own version of Green Bun Squirrel, seen posted here.
He’s given me credit for the original painting, which was nice. I’m quite flattered to be copied alongside the great pop surrealist Marion Peck, who has god-like status in my mind.  It makes such a discovery even more surreal.

Another perfect example of the importance of a registered trademark, and keeping documentation on paintings done from my studio.

Screenshot 11/01/2014

Screenshot 11/01/2014. Copy of Green Bun by Giuseppe Zappala.


Original painting of Green Bun Squirrel by Carollyne Yardley, 14 x 20, oil on board, 2011.

Original Green Bun miniature by Carollyne Yardley, 4″ x 5″, oil on board, 2012.


Copy painted by Giuseppe Zappala of Boy with Dog



Girl with cat by Giuseppe Zappala


Original Marion Peck “Girl with a Kitten” Oil on canvas 2007


Painting by Giuseppe Zappala


Original painting by Marion Peck “Kittens” Oil on panel 12″ x 14″ 2003