Carollyne Yardley with Douglas Coupland’s Gumhead, Vancouver Art Gallery, June 2014.


Douglas Coupland:
everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything
May 31 to September 1, 2014

{From the VAG website} {Douglas Coupland: everywhere is anywhere is anything iseverything is the first major survey exhibition of the artist’s work and will be presented at the Vancouver Art Gallery from May 31 — September 1, 2014. Douglas Coupland is an artist based in Vancouver whose remarkably prolific production across a diverse range of media over the past 12 years addresses the singularity of Canadian culture, the power of language, as well as the ever-pervasive presence of technology in everyday life. The title of the exhibition,everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything, refers both to Coupland’s deep engagement with place and cultural identity and, simultaneously, his recognition of a growing ubiquity as access to information, images and technology becomes more readily available to the masses.}

The exhibit is brilliant, and if you want to read more click here, plus follow along audio to go with the photos, click here to download the app from the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Editors’ Note: This photo gallery plugin drove me nuts so the exhibit is reverse ordered, and a bit out of sequence, just like me.  Although, I’m never out of sequin.