3D printed objects. Photo by Ray Brougham

ALERT: I have friends who can build me a space ship with door guns, so don’t tempt me.

Today, I was given a great tour by Ray Brougham, owner of Prototype Equipment Design.  They create many things at his facility.  As I learned, they are experts in taking an idea and turning it into reality, along with refining the way we do things by making a process more efficient.

I felt smarter the moment I signed in, put on my safety glasses, and crossed the threshold.

They have many smart machines and smart people. They create everything from the wave guides found inside the 70 ALMA telescopes located in Chile, which provide the ability to point the telescope to circuit boards that go in inside a gamma camera (and something about Technetium-99) .

Um, space alien dream machine? Or perhaps a ray gun for my spaceship. As you can imagine, it’s no wonder there’s a picture of my first boyfriend, Captain James T. Kirk on one of their computer monitors. Cool.

But not as cool as watching a 3D printer in action.  Here are some photos of my visit today.

Facility at Prototype Equipment Design


Wave Guides for ALMA Telescopes in Chile


Circuit boards that go inside gamma camera


3D printer, MakerBot


My first boyfriend, Captain James T. Kirk.


Prototype Equipment Design

PHONE : (250) 381-6868
EMAIL: info@engineersmachineshop.ca
532 William Street, Victoria, B.C. V9A 3Y9