Yam Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013
Arts and Minds
John Threlfall, Culture Goes Pop, pg. 16-17



Space Hat Squirrel and Carollyne Yardley featured in Yam Magazine Jan/Feb 2013, by John Threlfall, Culture Goes Pop, pg 16-17


Cover Yam Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013

Thanks to John Threlfall, Arts Writer for Yam Magazine for including me in the article, Culture Goes Pop, which also features Timothy Wilson Hoey, and Dale Roberts aka Dame Mailarta, the Queen of Poste.

Space Hat Squirrel, was featured and sold at the Madrona Gallery during the Pride Art Walk and Exhibition show back in July 2012. How fabulous that Space Hat is now featured in the same magazine issue that features lovely musician, Nelly Furtado, visiting her old stomping grounds to perform The Spirit Indestructible Tour at the Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, January 8th, 2013.

Nelly – if you are reading this article, I think you would love The Avenger painting. If you collect art, she would make a great addition to your collection. She’s an old fashioned squirrel who wears Captain America’s shield as a necklace – very Indestructible 🙂


Yam Magazine Jan/Feb 2013, John Threlfall, Pop Goes Culture, pgs.16-17

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