I was invited to join in this international miniature art project, called Art Brownie RAINBOW at INDEXG, Toronto.8110

The goal to work with any media on a wooden block 2 1/2 inches square by 1 1/2 inches deep, with little extensions allowed. I have never worked on such a small surface before, and so it was a challenge to think of what to paint.

I’ve read that several artist wrapped prints around their “brownies” and other have added lovely sculptural textures. This being my first time, I painted some cute squirrels on the top with acorns on the side. If placed together they are supposed to look like wall sconces.


If you are in the Toronto area during the show, I hope you get a chance to check it out!

The Art Brownie Shop is now online.

Art Brownie’s official website, check back often for updates and news.

Art Brownie RAINBOW
International artists
7/28/2012 – 8/31/2012
INDEXG (main gallery)

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, July 28, 2012 – 3-8 pm

The ART BROWNIE is a vibrant, inspirational project. It features different media of artworks in one standard format, on square wooden blocks each measures 2.5 x 2.5 inch, 1.5 inch high. Participating artists are requested to work on these mini canvases, where scale does not limit their imagination.

An exhibition of these works will be held semi-annually at INDEXG Toronto, with submissions from all over the world.

This year, the Summer Art Brownie show RAINBOW 2012 is scheduled to open on July 28, and runs through August 31. The Gala opening will take place on July 28 (Saturday), from 3 to 8 p.m. at INDEXG. It is a celebration of creativity as well as diversity! All Art Brownies are for purchase with prices ranging from $30 to $300. Be a proud owner of these unique art pieces, they would make great gifts too. Most of all, join us for a night of fun, unexpected finds, and lively chats…and maybe taste some home-made real brownies from artists.

Highlights of works from Art Brownie RAINBOW 2012 (photographed by Lee Ka-sing), are featured at our Flickr page (updated continuously).

Next Art Brownie project: Art Brownie GALAXY 2012. Information about submission is available at this link:

Participating artists:

A.J. Brown, Adi Zur, Adrienne Dagg, Alex Steele-Mortimer, Alexandra Leadbeater, Aligori, Amita Sen Gupta, Amy Wong, Andrew Briggs, Aneta Kolodziejczyk, Anna Boland, Anna Hergert, Anna Maria Bortolotto, Annie Thompson, Brian Hill, Caitlin Russell, Carey Haynes, Carollyne Yardley, Cate Mcguire, Charles Lewton-Brain, Cheryl Taves, Chiarina Loggia, Chintia Kirana, Christa Diepenbrock Ziman, Christine Allan, Claire Starkweather Forrest, Clif Dawson, Collette Broeders, Daryl Dancer, David Abse, David Brown, David Skora, David Zaslow, Dawn Grant, Deidre Argyle, Desarae Lee, Diane Lingenfelter, Edward de Ryk, Edwin Kwan, Elizabeth Kauffman, Elizabeth Wagner, Emily Joy Rabinowitz, Fiona Smyth, Frances Westermann, Francoise Cockburn, Frederique Boulay, Gary Michael Dault, Gina Groot, Grace Eunmi Lee, Gukzik Lau, Gwyn Pevonka, Han Xu, Heather Page, Heather Souliere, Heeseung Ko, Hoi-An Tang, Hoi-En Tang, Irina Schestakowich, Iris Lee, Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos, Janet Potter, Janice Hardacre, Jaz Harold, Jeanna Szuch, Jeff Jackson, Jesse Lown, Jessica Burke, Jill Silverberg, Jo Ernsten, Kate Hogg, Kathryn Naylor, Kelly Jacobi, Kelsey Shwetz, Kestin Cornwall, Kris Kessey, Kristin Charleton, Kristin Tessen, Kruti Shah, Kurt Ketchum, Lana Filipone, Linda DeLuca, Lindsey Kemp, Lorraine Thorarinson Betts, Loree Ovens, Lourdes Ladron de Guevara, Madeleine Hellmers, Malgorzata Wolak Dault, Manuela De Medeiros, Margaret Fletcher, Marie-Eve Tetrault, Marilyn Chapman, Maureen Nathan, Megan Lane, Melissa Hamel – Smith, Melissa Kraft, Melody Law, Monika Dery, Myles Calvert, Myrna Brooks Bercovitch, Nadia Trudel, Nahum Flores, Olga Barmazi, Pam Lostracco, Pete Kasprzak, Philip W. J. Hare, Qiana Mestrich, Raven Wyntre-Clarkson, Rhiana Sneyd, Rob Collinet, Roberta Murray, Ron Erickson, Ryan Groot, Sandra Kugenieks, Scott Neely, Shanye Huang, Shelley Savor, Sheree Harris, Sherilyn Penn, Sienna Orlando, Stephanie Chambers, Stephen Seguin, Tammy Fischer, Tanya Besedina, Taras Ostapchuk, Theo Gallaro, Tina Oehmsen-Clark, Tomio Nitto, Uros Jelic, Valerie Jan, Valerie Powell, Vickie Newington, Victoria Hanks.

INDEXG (main gallery)

50 Gladstone Avenue
Toronto, M6J 3K6 Ontario
Gallery Hours: 1-6 pm (Wednesday to Sunday)