The idea for Never Dine Alone originated through a conversation with Ron Forbes, the owner of Applewood Antiques.
Ron commented that many art collectors purchase portraits and sculpture of people at his antique store, and line their dining room walls
with these forgotten and discarded personalities. With a cast of  characters displayed in the dining room, collectors feel that they never dine alone.
“It’s easier than collecting pets,”  Ron commented.
The concept was thus born to develop an art show where an art collector could literally interact with characters represented from an artists’ painting or sculpture, to create a full sensory experience, by building a multi-dimensional relationship with the art piece in mind.
During the first draft of this concept, it was originally titled, Never Dine Alone: Surreal Friends.
Then is was called, Never Dine Alone: Alice in Wonderland meets the Tudors.
As a result, the feature artists have each created unique and slightly surreal portraits/sculpture with this theme in mind. During the opening night, these attributes will be brought to life by support artists who specialize in costume, jewellery and fabric design.
Opening Night will feature art, wine, music, dessert, a colourful cast of characters and fanciful friends.
Never Dine Alone,
Carollyne Yardley