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Space Hat and Red Hat Squirrel – in progress

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So I've now got three paintings on the assembly line, and will start the fourth one next week. I'm still working on Mohawk Squirrel, Red Hat Squirrel, and now Space Hat Squirrel (not sure on her name yet). I'm trying out a new method and new mediums that I really like. Will post further developments, [...]

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Red Hat Squirrel

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I'm working on Ruff Squirrel and also Red Hat Squirrel seen below. Getting wood cut for four more ornate gold frames, and back to trying Walnut Oil for painting. Red Hat Squirrel in progress. Red Hat Squirrel - in progress

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Saint Squirrel: Protecting You ‘Cause You’re Nuts! Pop Surrealism

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Saint Squirrel: Protecting You 'Cause You're Nuts! | 18 X 24 | Oil on Board | 2010 Saint Squirrel was inspired by a squirrel that had been hit by a car outside our house. Originally called, Saint Squirrel, Protector of Road Kill and Keeper of Lost Nuts, the Saint was modelled after the [...]

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Ruff Squirrel – in progress

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I'm working on two paintings right now, Ruff Squirrel and Redhat Squirrel. Both are in various stages of progress. Posting Ruff Squirrel here, Redhat tomorrow. Ruff Squirrel in progress

Videos & Photos: Secret Squirrels Show

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The Secret Squirrel Show, featuring pop culture while using Contemporary motif and techniques often seen in Pop Surrealism. Secret Squirrels Art Show at Ferris' Upstairs Oyster bar The Final Word Many thanks to everyone who came out to the show (and those in spirit), it was a magical afternoon. A huge thank you [...]

Secret Squirrel Video of Event by, Pop Surrealism, Victoria, BC

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Hi Everyone! I will post a longer review of the Secret Squirrels show either tomorrow or next week, but in the meantime, check out this video with me talking about the art show, see the artwork, and many thanks for this coverage by Efren Quiroz, the owner of

Squirrel Pop Surrealism, Live Model!

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This scene happened a few moments ago, and I wanted to share it with you. I was busy working on my latest painting, and heard a strange noise. I looked out the window, and who do I see? Frank, aka Bad Monkey, came to have a visit. We still can't figure out how he got [...]

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