Now that I’m an artist, I’ve decided to get out there an meet as many artists as I can. Whether it be at art shows, studios, referral introductions, or by happenstance.

I am blogging about these experiences when I have time, because I have a blog, and with a title like, The Art of Consumption, it’s purpose was to journal my journey into the art world.

Noah Becker, Winter, oil on canvas

Noah Becker, Winter, oil on canvas

There were a few folks already on my list, in particular – artists whose paintings I wanted to collect myself.

Over the last six or seven years, one name always came up in conversation. Anytime I would mention my passion for art, and a possible return to the medium of fine art as opposed to graphic arts, someone would invariably tell me to seek out  Noah Becker: Visual Artist, Musician, Writer, Editor. Over and over again, his name was in my airspace.  Finally, after making the transition into the art world, I searched out his website, and watched his video (Becker on Becker). Hmm. I was intrigued.

He has a prestigious CV and sells his art the world over – all with good reason.
His artwork reflects an international style that is unique and memorable. Plus – he is a likeable and interesting person. And he’s funny.

I just made myself laugh using the word “interesting” to describe Noah Becker.
I searched YouTube to find the video about his Realm Series which explains his influences and describes the images from the series. It is actually titled, “Noah Becker One of the World’s Most Interesting Painters.” Perhaps I’ve just been influenced by suggestion?

Not likely.

During a visit to Noah’s studio, I found him to be engaging and equally interested in what his collectors like, sharing his view on art history, the contemporary art scene in North America, and the list goes on. Not a surprise since he’s also a contributing writer for magazines like Art in America and Canadian Art Magazine, and is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art. This guy really knows his stuff, is able to educate his client, and to use the old adage, is a trendsetter, not a trend spotter.

Here are a few highlights of his exhibition history. Along with showing in Zurich and Los Angeles it includes:

The Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
the Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, NY
Curated @ Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY
Salomon Contemporary, East Hampton, NY

Noah Becker, Realm Series (Plenty)

Noah Becker, Realm Series (Plenty)

This is my favorite painting. It reminds me of Switzerland and storytelling.

Noah has new works at the studio, although much of it will be shipping out to Europe and New York.
If you’re interested in visiting Noah’s studio, and perhaps acquiring a new piece for your art collection, here is his contact information.

Noah Becker Studio:
Visual Artist | Musician | Writer| Editor

621 Chatham, Victoria BC, V8T 1E2, Canada
website: |