Hello friends and fans (hiccup),

I attended the Victoria Emerging Art Awards last night at the Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay and reconnected with friends and clients from my graphic design / web development life, and met some Facebook friends in person for the first time (holy cow it was great).

AND because I’m so vain – I’d like to point out my guest appearance in this Exhibit-V video (which will no doubt encourage you even more to watch it.

Now back to the people I met at the VEAA event.

First was the dear, and entertaining Peter Such, President of the Victoria College of Art. He knows me from my web development/graphic design days, plus from when I took evening classes with Alain Costaz, and Carol Thompson there.

The first Facebook friend I met was Tara Juneau. She’s super cute in real life, a truly lovely woman. I look forward to connecting with her again much more in the future.

Second, it was great to meet Efren Quiroz, the owner of Exhbit-V . He provides an amazing gift to the local arts community by filming and publishing art events at his website. I’ve watched nearly all of them, and it’s given me the opportunity to see great art, amazing galleries, and to get to know the local artist community. I feel more connected, and above all, more educated about the art that is available for purchase. A big thank-you to Efren for providing this invaluable, and complimentary service. I hope he accepts donations or corporate sponsorship in future to keep him motivated for years, and years to come. I think he could make a great television program out of his work. And a big thank-you to him for my guest appearance on his latest vid!