An article about this Victoria art show caught my eye in Focus Magazine. It’s called, Can I Draw you a Bath, currently on show at the View Art Gallery. Primarily I noticed the blurb because it mentioned Publications such as 3X3 and Juxtapoz having helped broaden our view on illustration. I had just finished reading my first copy Juxtapoz Magazine (love at first sight), and was therefore intrigued.

The View Art Gallery is putting on a show with three artists who use concepts and elements of illustration as a way of transferring information in their work. It looks like these artists have a sense of humour too; I like that.

With Illustrators Dave Barnes, Keegan Wenkman and Allen Brewer.

Showing: October 02-31, 2009
Can I Draw You a Bath
View Art Gallery
104-860 View Street
tel: 250-213-1162