They Walk on Water

They Walk on Water

Size: 48″ X 36″
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Date: 2009
Artist: Carollyne Yardley

I finally finished this painting last weekend. I started it in November 2008 as an abstract painting. It then morphed into a second abstract painting. And while I enjoy the works of other artists who create abstract paintings, it’s not currently happening, of my hand, at the end of my brush.

After my second attempt at the “genre of abstract”, I sat back a moment and whilst staring into the shapes and figures, I started to see eyeballs emerge. I jumped back into the paint and let my brush follow the natural contours. I felt a great sense of gratification when these wee beasties emerged. I hope you enjoy. (110)

I will revisit this painting next month as it becomes the first progression of a diptych. I intend to continue the scene to the right. Can you see the green dragon’s body?

I’ve also started the first painting from the Jen Steele photo shoot, and hope to have it finished by next month.