I haven’t posted in almost 4 weeks. I’ve  been distracted, but ready to get back to painting next week. In the meanitme, I have to share this funny one with you, dear readers.

Backgrounder:  I don’t cook. That’s right, totally helpless in the kitchen, and proud of it. Exceptions to the rule are: I have mastered two signature salads in the last year, and can whip up “chip and egg” after midnight – otherwise – tweet, tweet – feed me. 🙂

Back in February 2007, I came home from work to find this little art masterpiece on the kitchen counter.  It makes me laugh every time I see it (especially when I need to refer back to find the temperature to bake a potato). It impressed me enough to take a photograph of it. I hope you enjoy. It’s called, “Pinkie and the Potato.”