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W2 and GI Squirrel – in progress

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Giant Arms – W3 and the OfficerSquirrel

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Did some work on the face tonight - my new paint brushes are super-duper smooth.

W2 and the GI – in progress

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Another hour on this one - still a long way to go. Our neighbour, who was an art instructor for many years just gave me the most wonderful gift - some of his art brushes (a whole set), I've never felt such a quality in a brush set before. I'm in bliss, it really does [...]

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Self Portrait

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You've simply got to have a sense of humour otherwise look away from your computer monitor right now. Our next class project is to do a self-portrait. The scope of the project is as follows: doesn't have to look like you, is multimedia, can be items that have influenced you, or represent your likes, etc.. [...]