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Abstract Series – Olympia’s Grapes

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Second abstract for art class in two weeks. This exercise was to take a black or neutral background, and use different tools, like the open neck of a bottle, textured cardboard, tape and palette knife to create a painting.  I realized after I finished that, in an odd way, it had some Olympic Games symbology [...]

Round Abstract – Red, Green and Blue – in progress

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I'm back in an evening art class again. One of the best influences of this class is that it gets me to practice painting with different brushes, and the unique exercises get me to paint differently than I would normally choose. This painting represents our first homework assignment. The goal was to paint shapes and [...]

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Lady Bighead & the Inspector – FINISHED PAINTING

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Floral Frock Freida and Callahan is complete, name courtesy of LG - "greatest painting- name-giver on the planet!" Update: I've changed the name - not sure just yet Lady Bighead & the Inspector or F3 and Callahan - a vote perhaps? Opinion Polls & Market Research

Filled in Gold Mirror

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Not finished yet, but posting results so far. I imagine tonight might be enough time for the final details

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Blocked in the Inspector

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Quite a few hours more than anticipated on this one - here is the second post in progress.

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Wonder Woman revelation – Courtesy of YouTube

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Courtesy of YouTube, I realized just how much the early years subconsciously shape your adult life by watching television shows. I know that everything you encounter along the way, both good and bad shapes you, but this was really a quantifiable eye-opener. In addition to comic books, the character Wonder Woman was featured in the [...]

Browse and Buy

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BROWSE AND PURCHASE fine art giclee prints, original framed and unframed artwork from my webstore at

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Blogthings for Fun

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Is a policital activist someone who's bossy? Sounds a bit like me, so it must be true! Your Aura is Violet Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world. And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don't always use it!The purpose of your life: saying [...]

Indira Ghandi – 3 more hours

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UCW Academy of Fine Art – YEAR END SHOW

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YEAR END SHOW | April 11 - 17th, 2008 UCW Academy of Fine Art  | Opening, Friday, April 11, 1006 at 6:00pm | 1625 Bank Street Email: Tel: (250) 598 – 5422 Web:   Big Eyed Fiona will be showcased here again - her second event! Big Eyed Fiona, 18 X 24, Acrylic on [...]