I was searching for cool art blogs today, and did a search for “Painting in a Day”. I came across Jeff Hayes web blog. He describes this discipline as producing one new painting every day, and says it has become a phenomenon embraced by dozens of artists worldwide. Jeff Hayes attributes Duane Keiser as the pioneer of this idea and gives a special nod to Kevin Macpherson’s Reflections on a Pond project. When I went to Duane’s web site, I read that he stopped painting every single day about 1 year ago, but he still has a post every few days. I really like his latest of the Krispy Kreme donut.

Jeff Hayes blog lists about 100 artists and links to their web sites. These artists typically do a painting a day. Many of them sell on E-bay for prices starting at $100.00. Typically small in format – 6″x8″ or less, the collecting public is recognizing that these little treasures are a great way to build up their art collection.

Even cooler, I just found Jeff Hayes has video footage of time-lapse photos throughout the process of each of his paintings! WOW! These are then woven together to create short movies – usually around 2 minutes – showing all or at least part of the work

Check out these places to buy original art too:



Let me know if you buy a piece of art today. Tell me about the artist, and why you bought their work. Send me a link to the artists web site, or send me a photo of the piece!