The title of my Blog is called, “The Art of Consumption”. The art of consumption has many word plays – I’m sure you can think of your own. There is an art to consuming what we see everyday whether it be food, news, or artwork. Too much, or too little can have adverse affects. I’ve been an artist for almost 20 years, predominantly as a digital artist designing the creative templates for software interfaces and web sites ( I’ve recently returned to more traditional work with acrylics and oil paints, and will be posting these shortly. In the meantime you can visit some of my other work at This blog will also follow what happening in the art world globally, from an international perspective, plus will follow what’s happening with art online. I’ve included some good links on my blog roll. I came across which directed me the web site of The Raw Artist and her success selling online. The Raw ArtistShe also participates in a lot of festival and art trade shows. She’s on my list to watch, and I quite like her work. After looking at her slide show, I read her collection testimonials. I agreed with the posted comments. Her work has a really dark edge to it, but is uplifting at the same time. It reminds me of the works I saw recently in London, England, at the Tate and Tate Modern, where artists were exploring the subconscious mind.

Here are a few other web sites I came across while searching the global art scene: