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Squirrels now available at Winchester Galleries Ltd. 2260 Oak Bay Avenue. #squirrealism #contemporary #canadian #art

I’m pleased to announce artworks now available at Winchester Galleries Ltd. 2260 Oak Bay Avenue. #squirrealism #contemporary #canadian #art



Murakami Squirrel, 24 x 35, OIl on Wood Panel, 2013

Murakami Squirrel, 24 x 35, OIl on Wood Panel, 2013 – SOLD


Yayoi Kusama Squirrel, 24 x 36, oil on wood panel, 2013

Yayoi Kusama Squirrel, 24 x 36, oil on wood panel, 2013

Charlotte’s Web, 36 x 24, oil on board, 2012

With Joe Coffey at his opening at Winchester Gallery

With Joe Coffey at his opening at Winchester Gallery


Yayoi Kusaqma Squirrel in the background at Winchester Galleries


Carollyne with Charlotte’s Web at Winchester Galleries


Winchester Galleries
2260 Oak Bay Ave
Victoria, BC
(250) 595-2777

Italian copies (forgeries?) of Marion Peck and Carollyne Yardley’s artwork. Good, bad, or flattered?

Occasionally, I Google my name to see if people who love my artwork talk about it, or post images online.  It gives me a chance to reblog, or retweet, and share the love.

A couple of days ago, I was searching online, and found there’s an Italian guy named Giuseppe Zappalà. He appears to be offering his original copy of Green Bun Squirrel, and at least three Marion Peck paintings, among others.

Text from the website under the heading Copie d’autore describes his offerings:!copiedautore/ca4p
Riproduzione fedele di dipinti ad olio su tela e su tavola dal XVI sec. ai giorni nostri.

Faithful reproduction oil paintings on canvas and wood from the sixteenth century. the present day.

I can’t quite tell if this is a test website, or if it’s for real? Was it a school project? Or? It does appear, however, that he has painted his own version of Green Bun Squirrel, seen posted here.
He’s given me credit for the original painting, which was nice. I’m quite flattered to be copied alongside the great pop surrealist Marion Peck, who has god-like status in my mind.  It makes such a discovery even more surreal.

Another perfect example of the importance of a registered trademark, and keeping documentation on paintings done from my studio.

Screenshot 11/01/2014

Screenshot 11/01/2014. Copy of Green Bun by Giuseppe Zappala.


Original painting of Green Bun Squirrel by Carollyne Yardley, 14 x 20, oil on board, 2011.

Original Green Bun miniature by Carollyne Yardley, 4″ x 5″, oil on board, 2012.


Copy painted by Giuseppe Zappala of Boy with Dog



Girl with cat by Giuseppe Zappala


Original Marion Peck “Girl with a Kitten” Oil on canvas 2007


Painting by Giuseppe Zappala


Original painting by Marion Peck “Kittens” Oil on panel 12″ x 14″ 2003

Media, Photos and Video of Ravenous, Alcheringa Gallery. Rande Cook and Carollyne Yardley

Hello! Many thanks to everyone who came to the Opening Reception of Ravenous at Alcheringa Gallery (June 23 – July 19, 2014) either in person, or in spirit. The show continues until July 19, 2014. The Alcheringa Gallery is downtown, located at 665 Fort Street, Victoria, BC.


I am going to post media, photos and video here over the course of a couple of weeks, so please bookmark this page and visit often.

PHOTOS (By Claire Beauchamp / Alcheringa Gallery)


Robert Amos, First Nations art, meet squirrels. Times Colonist, June 29, 2014, pg. D7

Robert Amos, First Nation art, meet squirrels, Times Colonist, D7, Sunday, June 19, 2014.

Robert Amos, First Nation art, meet squirrels, Times Colonist, D7, Sunday, June 19, 2014. Click to enlarge.

Art Openings by Kate Cino
Read full article at: 

Ravenous. Carollyne Yardley and Rande Cook at Alcheringa Gallery, by Philip Willey, Saturday, June 28, 2014
Read here:


Rande Cook and Carollyne Yardley at Alcheringa Gallery
Courtesy of Efren Quiroz of Exhibit-V.

Opening reception video, Courtesy of Efren Quiroz of Exhibit-V.

Behind the Scenes photos of Rande Cook for Ravenous | Alcheringa Gallery, Victoria, BC, Canada

Rande Cook and I discussed doing a portrait of him in January 2014, and then set up a photo shoot to capture material. Rande’s idea to paint him in traditional Regalia was married with the idea behind my latest series, where I re-imagined world famous artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Banksy, and Murakami in the style of Squirrealism.

Re-imagining Rande Cook with his art and design was a great way to continue this theme. Chief Rande Cook is pictured here in traditional Regalia, which he designed himself.

This idea grew, and Rande then invited me to join him for a two person show called Ravenous which will be showing at the Alcheringa Gallery June 23 – July 19, 2014.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from February 2014.

I hope you can make it to the show, and see our collaboration, Rande’s artwork, and the final artworks created from this creative. Show information is below.

Behind the scenes footage of photo shoot. Chief Rande Cook in Regalia. Feb 2014.

Behind the scenes footage of photo shoot. Chief Rande Cook in Regalia. Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.


Chief Rande Cook in Regalia (back view), Feb 2014.

Chief Rande Cook in Regalia (back view), Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.


Rande Cook with Vatican Mask, Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.

Rande Cook with Vatican Mask, Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.

Rande Cook with Vatican Mask, Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.

Rande Cook with Vatican Mask, Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.


Rande Cook with Chief's Copper. Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.

Rande Cook with Chief’s Copper. Feb 2014. Photo by Jen Steele.

More information on show dates here:

Facebook Events page

Rande Cook website:


Carollyne Yardley and Mattel’s American Girl: It’s Caroline vs Carollyne at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

Trademark matters: It’s Caroline vs. Carollyne at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

My name is Carollyne Yardley.  I am a Canadian artist who is being forced to contend with expensive and growing legal fees because a large U.S. toy manufacturer wants to cancel my Canadian trade-mark registration for my CAROLLYNE trade-mark.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Listen to Interview on CFAX1070 with Ian Jessop, 20:39 minutes

Screen Capture compilation: CBC News screen capture and photo by Darren Stone (left) Times Colonist.

CBC News: Carollyne Yardley fights Mattel’s American Girl for her name: 
It’s Caroline vs. Carollyne in a fight at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

I want to share my story in the hope it helps other artists and small business owners to protect their brands and business.

Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, who represents American Girl (a subsidiary of the Mattel Corporation), asked the Canadian Registrar of Trade-marks to send a “Section 45 notice” to me against my CAROLLYNE trade-mark registration.  Section 45 refers to Section 45 of the Canadian Trade-marks Act. The Section 45 notice requires me to show use of my CAROLLYNE trade-mark in association with the goods and services covered by my trade-mark registration within the 3 years immediately preceding the date of the notice.  If I am unable to do so, the Registrar of Trade-marks may cancel my trade-mark registration. This process is known as “expungement”.

The expungement proceeding was started because my trade-mark registration was cited by an Examiner at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office against American Girl’s trade-mark application for CAROLINE, the name of a doll in their “American Girl” line of products, which they plan to start selling in Canada.   If my CAROLLYNE trade-mark registration is cancelled, then American Girl would be able to overcome the Examiner’s objection.

Several years ago I left a successful career as the co-owner and Creative Director of an software application company, to devote myself full-time to the business of painting and art.  I have worked hard and earned recognition from all parts of the globe as a rising talent in Canada’s art scene.


Link to Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

As you’ll notice from visiting my website, I coined the term ‘Squirrealism’ to describe my signature style of using squirrels in paintings, photographs, and digital art to create strange characters living in wonderful worlds. My painting techniques follow the classic methods of fine portraiture, where meticulous and minute brushwork demands hundreds of hours to complete a single work of art.  That is why I recognized, well before I jumped into art as a full-time career, that I needed a solid business plan and my artistic livelihood could not rest on paintings alone.

So in 2008 I hired a trade-mark agent to file a Canadian application to register the mark CAROLLYNE with certain goods and services which I market under that mark as part of my fine art and commercial media business. Those listed wares include cards, bookmarks, books, and dolls, which overlapped with the goods covered by American Girl’s CAROLINE application.


Link to Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO)

As an interesting note, American Girl’s fictional character “Caroline” is a young American girl who helps her parents and community in the War of 1812 – against British Canada.  We have a large American corporation trying to cancel my Canadian trade-mark registration for CAROLLYNE because it interferes with its application for CAROLINE.

Thanks to my previous business experience, I knew the importance of keeping business records to demonstrate use of the CAROLLYNE trade-mark in association with the goods and services that I market under the trade-mark. I have filed my evidence of use, and await the proceedings to be carried out. Protecting my brand and growing my business is important to me, as it is for any successful business owner.

In future blogs, I will keep you up to date on my proceeding and use it an opportunity to explain in greater detail why artists need to protect their brands and the importance of solid business planning.

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Carollyne Yardley fights Mattel’s American Girl for her name: 
It’s Caroline vs. Carollyne in a fight at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

CBC Radio, As It Happens, Carol Off (Radio Listen Now 5:25)
Canadian artist takes on giant toymaker Mattel over trademark of her name

National Post. Article by Tristin Hopper
Toymaker Mattel fighting Canadian ‘Squirrealism’ painter Carollyne Yardley over trademark to her own name

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B.C artist facing down Mattel in expensive copyright fight 

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Artist goes after U.S. giant Mattel over trademark to her own name

Mattel’s American Girl name fight

CTVNews Vancouver Island
Victoria artist takes on toy giant


Vancouver Island artist takes on U.S. toymaker over name

B.C. artist battles Mattel’s American Girl over trademark

Huffington Post:
Canadian Art Fights Mattel’s American Girl Over Trademark 


Canadian Intellectual Property Office




Nothing is absurd in a world bereft of judgement. Samuel Beckett

Nothing is absurd in a world bereft of judgement. Samuel Beckett


Media Coverage: #Strangelings – Paintings by Pixel Wizards.



Just a thanks for attending the opening. We’re all buzzing over the tremendously great turnout. A great boost for gallery’s exposure to a new audience. Thanks for helping us show our adventurous and fun side – not just a museum!

Sherry Willing
Art Rental and Sales Consultant
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 

Adam Sawatsky’s Arts & Lifestyle.” News at 5, CTV News, October 18, 2013.

Promo Video for Carollyne Yardley by Jen Steele Photography

Video of Opening Reception by Efren Quiroz at

#Strangelings – Paintings by Pixel Wizards.
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Massey Gallery
October 17 – November 10, 2013
Opening Reception: October 24, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm

Amy Smart. “Creative process shines, digitally and otherwise.”
Editorial. Times Colonist, Victoria, BC. 17 Oct. 2013: C6.

Paintings by Pixel Wizards, at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, features works by three local artists who have made professional careers as art directors in the tech industry - Paul Dowd, Carollyne Yardley, Jose Brand. Photography by: Darren Stone, Times Colonist.

Paintings by Pixel Wizards, at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, features works by three local artists who have made professional careers as art directors in the tech industry – Paul Dowd, Carollyne Yardley, Jose Brand. Photography by: Darren Stone, Times Colonist.

When you make art for the digital world, the public may not recognize it as such. That’s a lesson that Carollyne Yardley learned when she first made the switch to painting full-time, after a career as creative director at Star Global Advanced IT Corp., a company she co-founded.

“That was a big surprise for me when I had my career change three years ago,” Yardley said. “A lot of my old clients were like, ‘I didn’t know you were artistic.’ And I thought that was a surprise and a great tragedy.”

But creativity has been part of the job description for all three of the local artists represented in #Strangelings: Paintings by Pixel Wizards, a show that runs today through Nov. 10 at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria’s Massey Gallery.

KANO/APPS lead concept artist Jose Brand and Paul Dowd, who spent six years as lead artist for Zynga (which included overseeing the creation of the creatures for social networking game FarmVille) are “going analogue” with the show of paintings, alongside Yardley.

Art directors can play many roles, but they generally take charge of the look and feel of software interfaces and content. For Yardley, that has meant everything from branding to designing templates based on pyschological studies about what attracts clicks.

For Dowd and Brand, it has meant drawing the in-game art and building worlds for FarmVille and now Tiny Mod Games (Dowd), as well as Zombie Slayer, Pirate Clan and Viking Clan (Brand).

“It’s slowly changing, but I do agree. People think that computers are almost a trick: Not necessarily a tool, like a paintbrush,” Brand said. “But the techniques are actually very similar.”

Brand follows the same process when creating a painting that he does with his digital art: beginning with silhouettes, then filling out details, lighting and shadows.

“It’s all technique that I’ve used in digital artwork, which helps me build up my traditional paintings.”

Dowd says his digital work has made him work a lot faster. Although he began painting in high school, he said he hasn’t done it in years. After spending the first two years as the sole artist for Zynga, then advancing to lead a team of artists for four years at FarmVille, he has redirected his professional energies to creating mobile games for Tiny Mod Games. Recently, he returned to the canvas.

“It’s been a long time since I picked up a paintbrush, so that’s been really fun,” Dowd said.

And for Yardley, the attention to detail she developed working with software — down to the tiniest pixel— as well as the ability to visualize how those details will come together to make a bigger picture, has translated into her paintings.

Yardley typically paints detailed portraits where the human figure is replaced with a squirrel.

While Yardley, Dowd and Brand each said they incorporated processes and elements of their digital art in their painting, they also said they get something different out of fine art.

“It’s all creative, whatever I like. The fine-art stuff is quite expressive,” said Dowd.

Brand said he feels like his digital art goes hand-in-hand with his painting. Most of his paintings now begin with a digital mock up — rarely does he begin by picking up a pencil and paper anymore.

But the product is different.

“I really love having that finished work in the end — something to hold up and put on the wall. It’s definitely a different feeling.

Read Original Print Article: Times Colonist, Oct 17, 2013, Pg C6

Snapd Victoria Magazine, Dec 2013, pg19

Snapd Victoria Magazine, Dec 2013, pg19

My Acting Debut.The Kahan Show on Shaw TV Coming This Fall.

The Kahan Show, Shaw TV
Coming This Fall.
Trailer aired August 23-24, 2013
Channel 4

Thanks to Dan Kahan for asking me to guest star on the teaser for his upcoming television show, The Kahan Show, Shaw TV.  It was my first acting gig, and while I admit to being a bit nervous, I really liked it. Here are some stills from the clip airing on Channel 4 Shaw TV starting from 6:00pm tonight airing on repeat until 4 tomorrow.


Still from trailer for The Kahan Show, Shaw TV

Still from the trailer for The Kahan Show, Shaw TV, aired August 23rd – 24th, Channel 4.

I portray the “therap-artist” who is providing Dan with the help he needs to overcome his anxiety over the responsibilities that come with producing his new television show.

Still from the trailer for The Kahan Show, Shaw TV, aired August 23rd - 24th, Channel 4.

Still from the trailer for The Kahan Show, Shaw TV, aired August 23rd – 24th, Channel 4.

Ultimately, Dan loses it, and is overcome by a new phenomenon called, the “Squirrels.”

Still from the trailer for The Kahan Show, Shaw TV, aired August 23rd - 24th, Channel 4.

Still from the trailer for The Kahan Show, Shaw TV, aired August 23rd – 24th, Channel 4.

The Girl with the Squirrels by Shanice Wolters

I wanted to share this with you. Shanice Wolters contacted me last year on March 7, 2012,when she was a Journalism and History of Art student at the University of Victoria. Shanice was one of the first people to write about my artwork and the squirrel paintings. I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I did.

The Girl with the Squirrels

Shanice Wolters
April 4th 2012

Carollyne Yardley’s art can easily be described as its own genre of unique eccentricity. It’s a mix of dreamy costume designs, the world of Alice in Wonderland, and a child’s wildest dreams about the squirrels in their backyard. Yardley is dressed in stylish black, she oozes charisma and creativity, and often laughs musically and loud. However, it’s Yardley’s art that catches peoples eyes, she paints portraits of squirrels in costumes. Looking at her work, the squirrels almost come to life, they’re beautifully glossed over, outlined with vintage frames she found herself. As for the squirrels, they evoke a strong sense of personality, dressed in Marie Antoinette ensembles – such as Romance Squirrel – a royal-looking creature with a castle in background, or Red Hat Squirrel – a squirrel that oozes pure femininity and class, wearing pink gloves and a wonderful red hat. Yardley’s take on pop-surrealism is not often explored and has been highly reviewed, her career in Victoria’s art scene is getting exceptional notice.

Romance Squirrel | 10 X 14 | Oil on Board with frame | Carollyne Yardley | Available for purchase.

Yardley graduated from the University of Victoria with a double major in History of Art and Psychology. “I went to university with the intent of being an artist,” says Yardley, “my friends were speculating on my chances of having a career in art, and I thought that perhaps they had hit on something.” Yardley entered the world of web design in her finishing year of university, co-owning a Victoria-based web design company, “we built our desks from hand, and we got a fax machine, we had our little office with three paying clients.” In September 2010 she decided to focus on her greatest passion, painting. “I thought about whatI really like about art, what are the things that attracted me? It was all the outfits, all the gowns, dresses, shoes and hats,” she says enthusiastically. “So I made a list of all the things I really liked and it was all clothing. I started looking at photographs that I liked or that I had taken, and it was the costuming in them that I loved.” Using squirrels in her art was a spontaneous choice, “I just pulled out some master paintings like Raphael and did copies of them, and there was one Raphael painting that I called Shaky and the Princess,” she says, “and my husband said, ‘hey you’ve got a spot there in the Raphael painting on the woman’s lap, why don’t you put a squirrel there?'”

Shanice Wolters, Carollyne Yardley and paintings

Yardley is not simply showcasing squirrels in outfits. There is an underlying message to her work, she is interested in observing the impressions people get based on presentation. She has stripped her paintings of any identifiable human character, so the viewer is forced to think about what the personality might be like. “I pulled out a bunch of books from my mom and dad’s place and thought: ‘it’s ironic that I’m painting animals in clothing because I read all these books growing up,’ for example, there were lions and they had suits, and it appealed to all kids from across all cultures, you weren’t feeling left out.” When thinking of her artist statement Yardley says she didn’t have any second thoughts after reading her favourite childhood books. There were animals in clothing, typically a humanistic element, until you are forced to think about what kind of animal they are, such as their job, or personalities, which can be deciphered by what surrounds them, which is the same impression she makes with her squirrels.

Shanice Wolters, Ellen Manning at the Victoria Emerging Art Gallery

In following next year and a half her career progressed, showcasing her art throughout Victoria, including the Victoria Emerging Art gallery. “When I looked at her work I thought what a distinctive style she has, she is such an exceptional painter, very eccentric, and it shows in her work,” says Ellen Manning, owner and Director of the Victoria Emerging Art Gallery, who has showcased Yardley’s work in her gallery, and sold each one of her pieces on display. “Technically her work is so sound and she has really evolved…she has a really bright future as an artist,” she says, “I am really looking for artists that have a really unique narrative, and a distinctive style. She is definitely an artist in that regard.”

Cupid and Psyche, Oil on Board, 2012, Carollyne Yardley


With only two years and a half working as a professional artist, Yardley is blazing through the art scene and setting it on fire, with eager plans for her artistic future. “I believe you can paint so many paintings in a year, you can sell so many paintings for ‘X’ amount of dollars, but you are still limited for your time because your time is what makes the art” says Yardley, who is looking heavily into licencing her work, “I want it to be a real collector’s item,” she says. “When people aren’t really wanting to invest in a painting they can still have a collection of images.”

Morning Glory, 22 X 26, Oil on Board, Carollyne Yardley, 2012 | Available for purchase

Yardley’s decision to become a full-time artist has many thrilled, and it is clearly paying off. “She just kind of thought, ‘I’m going do this art thing,’ she is an artist who has just got so much fuel right now,” says Manning, “she doesn’t rely on grand ideas and complicated themes for her to be inspired.” Yardley’s motto is simple, and her ideas are spontaneous, “I like costumes, fun, funny stuff, and I like things that are a little quirky and that have a bit of a cheesy element to them.”

Favourite Emerging Artist 2013, Monday Magazine “M” Awards.

Many thanks to everyone who voted for me, friend, fans, Victorians, and especially Monday Magazine and their readers!

Check out the full list of winners in our eight page feature section hitting the streets tomorrow afternoon and online at

Our awards were in the form of customized ukeleles by Long and McQuade.

Carollyne Yardley (l) with living sculpture / body painting artwork by Kristen Urbanheart Grant at Monday Magazine “M” Awards.


I also had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Williams, cartoonist for Monday Magazine. Check out his site at BlobFarm.

Carollyne (l) and Joseph Williams, Artist

Carollyne (l) and Joseph Williams, Artist

Here is coverage by Adam Sawatsky, Your Island Arts and Lifestyle, April 24, 2013.

Space Hat Squirrel: Blast off with Coach House Books

Coach House Books, Fall Catalogue 2013

Coach House Books, Fall 2013 Catalogue



Space Hat Squirrel has been selected to grace the the cover of Coach House Books Fall 2013 Catalogue.
They are a publishing company located in Toronto, Canada, and print
about 2,500 catalogues and send them to publishers, authors, and bookstores around the world.

“Squirrels have sort of become the unofficial mascot of Coach House,” says Heidi, Publishing Assistant.

Amen Brother.

Even better – the  catalogue lists among its nonfiction titles the latest release by Jeet Heer, In Love With Art, Francoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman.
I can’t wait to read this book. I love Spiegelman – we’ve been lucky to have the exhibit Art Spiegelman, CO-MIX: A Retospective of Comics, Graphics and Scraps at the Vancouver Art Gallery (February 16 to June 9, 2013).

Coach House Fall 2013 Catalogue: download here


Space Hat Squirrel

Space Hat Squirrel