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Monday Magazine, Artist nuts for squirrels. Local Painter Carollyne Yardley has gone Squirrely for her art by MaryEllen Green


Cover 3829, July 19-25th, 2012 Issue
Local Painter Carollyne Yardley has gone Squirrelly for her art
Feature Pg 8
By MaryEllen Green

Thank you MaryEllen Green, Arts Editor, and Grant McKenzie, Editor, of Monday Magazine.

Cover 3829, Monday Magazine, July 19-25, 2012. Article pg. 8

Monday Magazine, Cover Art 3829, Artist is nuts for squirrels, Issue July 19-25, 2012. Pg 8 by MaryEllen Green, Arts Editor

That squirrel is so big! I feel like a Lilliputian in Gulliver’s Travels!

Back in May 2012, I received an email from MaryEllen Green, the Arts Editor of Monday Magazine, asking if I had any upcoming art shows. She said she’d love to see one of my squirrels on the cover of Monday Magazine, and wanted to tie it into a show in future.

MaryEllen and Grant McKenzie (Editor of Monday) had seen Geisha Girl Squirrel on their travels for lunch, down the street from Monday Magazine headquarters, to The Clay Pigeon Restaurant. This is a fabby dab lunch, breakfast, and dinner spot, kitty corner to the Royal Theatre (at Blanshard and Broughton St.). They were both curious about the QR Code painted on the painting, and not having aQR code app on their smart phones they becamse curious, and more curious.

At the time I had work up at Sooke Harbour House, and was awaiting confirmation on whether I’d been accepted into the TD Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Paint In. I let her know about the Sooke show, and that I’d keep her posted in upcoming events.

Once I received confirmation that I’d been accepted to the Paint In, I emailed her right away. It worked out just great. I got to see so many people, many of whom had read the article, and came down to see my work, along with over 160 artists at the largest outdoor art show on Vancouver Island.

The interview itself, was a fun, cake induced afternoon.

MaryEllen came to my studio, and we drank tea and ate some lemon lavender cake from Delish Bakery. She asked me so many thoughtful questions, it really helped me to navigate the kinds of things people want to know.

“How to you paint, what materials, and why squirrels?”

I’ve come to better understand by reading other artists interviews, and now my own, that people want to connect with an artist on as many levels as possible. The more you can describe your art, the process, and inspirations, the more people can identify with a piece or add it to their own narrative.

I am absolutely delighted with both the cover and the article, and it has helped me to articulate even better my vision for future artworks.

From every part of my heart and all of me, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy.


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Monday Magazine Cover July 18 2012

“The Very Thing that the Squirrel Does”, my mom says.


After reading the awesomesauce article in Monday Magazine, by MaryEllen Green, my mom reminded me of a peculiar habit I had as a child, which made her think of why I like squirrels.


by MaryEllen Green, Monday Magazine, July 19-25, 2012, pg. 8)

{The squirrel is nature’s supreme gatherer  amassing nuts, berries and seeds, then hiding them away for retrieval at a later date.

Local artist Carollyne Yardley is much the same, except she collects unique vintage clothing, luxurious costume jewelry, hand-made hats and ornate picture frames, storing them away in her tickle trunk as inspiration for her next painting}

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Apparently (which I sort of remember), when I was about two years old, my Mom would dole out Smarties to me in two and three’s. I would then (without her knowledge), eat one or two smarties and wrap the others in an individual piece of toilet paper, and come back for more. If she gave me six smarties, I would wrap up about three smarties, hide them, and so on.

She found them all neatly distributed, and hidden in between the clean sheets in the linen closet. Once she discovered my “savings account”  she bought me a little box so I could keep my stashed loot in one place.

This was the one major “treasure” that had to travel with me when we went on road trips. When we moved to Victoria, Mom made the travel box road ready.

As I was saying goodbye to my Mom on the phone, it was sweet to hear her say, “you’ve always been like a squirrel!”

I have also realized that MaryEllen Green’s article has done more for me than help spread the word of squirrel throughout the community. She has helped me see how others hear me describe my artwork, and the quirky, unique things that make a person and their art be true to themselves.

I am grateful to have MaryEllen describe my artwork with her art of word – a world that reads with so much colour, exactly as I imagine it in my mind.

Artist is nuts for squirrels


By Mary Ellen Green – Monday Magazine

TD Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Moss Street Paint In, Saturday, July 21, 2012


Saturday July 21 | FREE and open to the public

Vancouver Island’s largest outdoor visual art event, the TD Art Gallery Paint-In is celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

Count down to the Moss Street Paint In!  Come visit me!

There will be Maps  available all along Moss Street, but you can find me close to the corner of Rockland and Moss!

I’ll be working plein air on my latest “squirrel” at this event.
Think pink Christmas lights, top hat with bow tie and a giant spider – I think you’ll enjoy seeing how he’s coming along.

Summer Small Works Exhibition and Sale

I will have Atomic Robot Squirrel for sale at my table during the Paint In on July 21, 2012.
This miniature painting was juried into the Summer Small Works show at the AGGV.
Plus there are two other miniature paintings for sale in the Massey Gallery (Green Bun and Space Hat miniature already sold).

These are just a couple of more great ways to support the arts and collect a lovely piece to add to your collection! There are original works by over 50 local artists including Adam Noonan, Corre Alice, Elizabeth Allen, Krystyna Jervis, Carollyne Yardley, Sandhu Singh, Alexis Beringer, Chin Yuen, Timothy Wilson Hoey, Thekla Albrecht-Iribarne, Adelle Andrew, Stephanie Quinton Steel and many more. Works range in price from $200 – $400 and sales support the development of local artists and the AGGV.

Donate to get a “I Love My Gallery” sticker

Remember to support the AGGV by donating and proudly wearing your “I Love My Gallery” sticker.
Your money helps go towards educational programs brought into to elementary schools, and high schools, such as Gallery in Schools, New Extreme, and Open Door Access, just to name a few.

Artists on Moss Street: 11am – 4:30pm
Gallery Open House: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Food & BeverageGarden: 11am – 9:00pm
Dancing to Kumbia: 5:00pm – 9:00 pm