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The Queen a fan of wacky artist’s stuffed animal portraits – I’m in good company!?

I came across this article written for MailOnline by Sadie Whitelocks.

As it turns out ,Queen Elizabeth II is a fan of wacky animal portraits, and I feel like I’m in good company.

I hope Queen Elizabeth II comes across my website and collects one of my wacky animal paintings to add to her collection. Mine are also beautifully framed and I too can deliver to Windsor Castle.  I hope you love squirrels, Your Majesty!

Artwork by Charlotte Cory

Artwork by Charlotte Cory

Charlotte Cory‘s potty artwork, which fuses Victorian portraiture and taxidermy, is fast becoming a hit with collectors all over the world, including the Queen.

Although some might find the scenes of animals in humanised scenarios disturbing, the British artist has witnessed growing popularity since producing the works and her quirky images can now be found emblazoned on a range of goods from playing cards to tea towels.

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Green Bun by Carollyne Yardley

Green Bun, Oil on Board by Carollyne Yardley