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Space Hat and Red Hat Squirrel – in progress

So I’ve now got three paintings on the assembly line, and will start the fourth one next week. I’m still working on Mohawk Squirrel, Red Hat Squirrel, and now Space Hat Squirrel (not sure on her name yet). I’m trying out a new method and new mediums that I really like. Will post further developments, and finished products in the next couple of weeks!

Space Hat Squirrel

Space Hat Squirrel


Red Hat Squirrel

I’m working on Mohawk Squirrel and also Red Hat Squirrel seen below. Getting wood cut for four more ornate gold frames, and back to trying Walnut Oil for painting.

Red Hat Squirrel in progress.

Red Hat Squirrel - in progress

Red Hat Squirrel - in progress

Saint Squirrel: Protecting You ‘Cause You’re Nuts! Pop Surrealism

Saint Squirrel: Protecting You 'Cause You're Nuts! | 18 X 24 | Oil on Board | 2010

Saint Squirrel: Protecting You ‘Cause You’re Nuts! | 18 X 24 | Oil on Board | 2010


Saint Squirrel was inspired by a squirrel that had been hit by a car outside our house. Originally called, Saint Squirrel, Protector of Road Kill and Keeper of Lost Nuts, the Saint was modelled after the Pope and his red Prada shoes. This Saint has many big jobs, is always standing on point, loves Christmas lights, and is very humored by his position in life. 

Mohawk Squirrel – in progress

I’m working on two paintings right now, Mohawk Squirrel and Redhat Squirrel. Both are in various stages of progress. Posting Mohawk Squirrel here, Redhat tomorrow.

Mohawk Squirrel in progress

Mohawk Squirrel in progress

Videos & Photos: Secret Squirrels Show

Secret Squirrels: Thank You!

The Secret Squirrel Show, features artwork that preserves Scottish lore, religious iconography and pop culture while using Contemporary motif and techniques often seen in Pop Surrealism.

Secret Squirrels Art Show at Ferris' Upstairs Oyster Bar

Secret Squirrels Art Show at Ferris' Upstairs Oyster bar

The Final Word

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the show (and those in spirit), it was a magical afternoon.

A huge thank you to the folks who bought a piece of my artwork. I know you will take good care of the “secret squirrels.”

Over 100 art enthusiasts arrived at the Ferris’ Upstairs Oyster Bar to enjoy whisky, wine, and hor d’oeuvres. It was a Sunday afternoon event, with relaxed and happy conversation.

The show continues May and June 2011. I invite you to head down to see the artwork. Ferris’ offers an amazing brunch and evening tapas menu. Check their website for hours of operation and location.

artsREACH Program


In an effort to raise awareness and funds for the OCTA Collective Society, I pledged 10% of the proceeds made during the opening event. Together we raised $306.91 towards their artsREACH program.

Photos of the Event

(Photos courtesy of Duncan Ayre)

Secret Squirrels Art Show Attendees

Secret Squirrels Art Show Photos

Video Coverage & Interview

Efren Quiroz from created a video clip of exhibition and people attending the event. The video also includes an interview with me discussing The Secret Squirrels show.

Fun video with live squirrels!

Here’s a link to my online gallery to see the Secret Squirrel paintings. Below is a fun video featuring the real squirrels from our yard, and the paintings they’ve inspired.

Upcoming Show

For my next trick, I’m going to strip naked and attach squirrel tails to my *edited copy* and skip through the graveyard to the beat of polka music. How scandalous! Ok, I wanted to grab your attention, this next part is really important (smile).

“Friends and Other Funny Folks” at

The Red Art Gallery!

Red Art Gallery

Marion Evamy from the Red Art Gallery (Oak Bay Avenue) is giving me the opportunity to participate in a group show August 2nd – 31st, 2011.

If you know anyone who is a friend, or a funny folk, and would like to be included on the RSVP list, please send me their contact information to

Secret Squirrels Art Show and Ladies

Secret Squirrels Art Show at Ferris' Upstairs Oyster Bar

Martin (Marty) Machacek, Rogers Chocolates and Mother’s Day!

I had the pleasure of meeting Martin (Marty) Machacek and his lovely business partner wife Dana. I had seen Marty’s work around town at various venues including the Inner Harbour (Causeway), coffee shops and restaurants (Blue Fox, Vic’s Steakhouse, Fernwood Pub), and several people mentioned that we should connect.

Original Painting, Rogers Chocolates with custom frame, Artist Martin (Marty) Machecek

Original Painting, Rogers Chocolates with custom frame, Artist Martin (Marty) Machecek

This wonderful couple is building a successful business through sales of Marty’s magical imagery. His paintings of Victoria, BC reminds me of what Victoria felt like when I first moved here with my family in the early 1970’s. I remember thinking Victoria was like a fantasyland. All the sites of the day were aglow with colour and architectural pleasures like the Fable Cottage, Inner Harbour, Empress Hotel, and Butchart Gardens.

For me, Marty’s imagery of Victoria provides a new vibration of how visitors and residents alike can identify with Victoria. We are often a city lost between Green, Veggie, Hippie, High Tech, Arty Paradise, Historical and British, and Marty has managed to combine all of these qualities through a fresh lens, and uniquely represent the magic of a beautiful city he now loves and calls home.

I decided to wander down to the Inner Harbour (Causeway) to find Marty’s booth. He can be found there most sunny days selling high quality reproductions, greeting cards, and the occasional original artwork. His booth glows, and is most professional. He has taken it to be like a plein air art gallery with imagery and artwork of the very buildings that are signature to Victoria, BC.

I bought three greeting cards during my visit: Oak Bay Firehall, Big Blue Bridge, and Rogers Chocolates. It was Mother’s Day the following day. While heading up Government Street, I thought, “Hey, if I buy some chocolates to go with the greeting card (image of the Rogers Chocolates building), it will perfectly tie together my favourite things – art and chocolate!” I also felt good buying from two local businesses and felt so inventive at packaging my creative gift!

Artist Martin Machecek, Rogers Chocolates and Mother's Day

Artist Martin Machecek, Rogers Chocolates and Mother's Day

Marty was born in raised in the Czech Republic in it’s most beautiful city: Prague. This combined with having studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta, plus years working for architects doing hand renderings of their buildings and projects, helps me understand why he is sensitive to the magic of Victoria, BC. His precision and detail and amazing understanding of perspective makes his work creative and masterful.

More information about Martin Machacek
More information about Rogers Chocolates

Secret Squirrel Video of Event by, Pop Surrealism, Victoria, BC

Hi Everyone!

I will post a longer review of the Secret Squirrels show either tomorrow or next week, but in the meantime, check out this video with me talking about the art show, see the artwork, and many thanks for this coverage by Efren Quiroz, the owner of

Squirrel Pop Surrealism, Live Model!

This scene happened a few moments ago, and I wanted to share it with you. I was busy working on my latest painting, and heard a strange noise. I looked out the window, and who do I see? Frank, aka Bad Monkey, came to have a visit. We still can’t figure out how he got up there, but we watched as he turned around and flew about twenty feet in the air to the nearest bush and carried on. So, today – I paint from a real life model with proof in the photo – haha!

Artist, Carollyne Yardley with squirrel subject and painting

Artist, Carollyne Yardley with squirrel subject and painting