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Burning desire to attend the Royal Wedding (Kate and Wills)

All of a sudden, I have a burning desire to attend the Royal Wedding of Kate and Wills.
“Wills” is what we (or wee) folk who read the Star, Globe and Enquirer Magazine call him.

My mind is racing with the imagery of gowns, dresses, hats, and all the OUTFITS! It’s going to the holy-crap-that’s-awesome of gorgeous clothing, and I must see it all. I might even wear some lip gloss at 3:00 am as I’m fixed to the boob-tube in my jams, just to be part of the party. I so dislike missing out on a good party.

So what prompted this blog post you ask? I just read an article at ARTINFO about the creation of Kate’s Coat of Arms. It will have three acorns in it, and I thoShakey and the Princess (with three acorns)ught, “Kate, girlfriend, have I got the painting for you!” One of the first paintings I completed, called Shakey and the Princess (after Raphael), has three acorns in it.

Kate – call me!

And in the early morning hours of Pacific Standard time, as I watch Kate finally seal the deal on this thing, I will be thinking about
one of the funniest quotes I’ve read to date about the Royal Wedding 2011.

“As for where Kate’s gold was dug up, “there are no further details on which mine the gold was mined from,” so don’t ask.” (In reference to the gold for her wedding band).

I doubt she’s gonna fuss about that anytime soon….

Secret Squirrels: Art Show Preview! Fun Video!

Art Show Preview to the Secret Squirrels Show. Here’s a fun video with live squirrel action shots, and the paintings they have inspired. Enjoy!

The paintings will appear at Ferris’ Upstairs Oyster Bar for the months of May and June 2011.

Elvis Squirrel – complete

He was sitting on the floor half finished since December 2009.
I heard a muffled voice say, “Carollyne, please include me in the upcoming squirrel show.”  Then I heard something about not wanting to look like a buffalo.

It turns out Elvis Squirrel will be in the building for the Secret Squirrels show!

Elvis Squirrel: Dance Aloha Style, 18 X 24, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Elvis Squirrel: Dance Aloha Style, 18 X 24, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

Oak Bay Artists Studio Tour – Red Art Gallery

redartgalleryPRESS RELEASE



APRIL 16th AND 17th  Noon to 4:30 p.m.

At RED art gallery

2033 Oak Bay Avenue

(across the street from Fitness Club and Abrakidabra)

Wear an item of red clothing and qualify to win an original painting by Marion Evamy! or a gift certificate to use at red art gallery!

marion evamy

red art gallery 2033 oak bay avenue

An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.
James Whistler

Secret Squirrels Show, May & June 2011


Dear Friends,

You Are Invited…to my art show!

The Secret Squirrel Show, featuring artwork that preserves Scottish lore, religious iconography and pop culture while using Contemporary motif and techniques often seen in Pop Surrealism.

What: Opening Event (Whisky, Wine and Hor d’oeurves)
Where: Ferris’ Upstairs Oyster Bar
When: Sunday, May 01, 2011
Time: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm
RSVP: Please RSVP via my contact form by April 26, 2011

Address: 536 Yates Street, Victoria, BC, Canada
Phone: 250-360-1824
Parking: Street Parking and across the street a large parkade (Robbins).

Show Continues: through May and June 2011

Benefiting Charity: I have pledged $100 to artsREACH, and 10% of the proceeds on items sold at the Opening Event. artsREACH deliver workshops to the many children in Victoria, BC, who might not otherwise be able to afford a quality arts education.

artsreachlogo300-smPlease read more about the artsReach FUND below or visit their website, and watch their video.



Saint Squirrel: Protecting You 'Cause You're Nuts!, 18 X 24, Acrylic on Canvas, 2010

“Secret Squirrels” is a phrase used to describe matters that are hidden from knowledge or concealed; people hide themselves well, and it can be a lifelong journey to experience the freedom to be oneself.

Orginally meant to refer to someone working covert operations like the CIA, or military intelligence, the term Secret Squirrel comes from a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that was a parody of the spy genre.

Secret Squirrel can also mean a personal idiosyncrasy or quirk, or a crazy person who has a large hoard of nuts!


Tropical Girl Squirrel and Gnome, 18 x 24, Oil on canvas

Original Paintings
It’s the second time my original paintings will be available for public viewing & sale. Please call (250-381-2800) or email me for price and availability to avoid disappointment, as there have been several inquiries already.

There will also be three signed limited edition giclee r eproductions available for purchase along with fun greeting cards.

These are all unique gift ideas for people with a sense of humour. Paintings are framed and ready to hang.

artsREACH PROGRAMartsreachlogo300-sm1

The artsREACH project is managed by the OCTA Collective Society, a Victoria-based charitable organization with the mission of providing programs and services that educate, support and inspire individuals to effect positive change within our community.

artsREACH Program in action

artsREACH Program in action

artsREACH was created with the goal of providing the highest quality visual and performing arts training to young children, regardless of their financial means.

To reach the children who would benefit the most, workshops are delivered without charge in local public elementary schools, with a focus on those schools with a high percentage of children from lower-income families.

Check out artsReach supporters to find out how you can help:

To watch a video about the project, click here:

Secret Squirrel complete!

Working away to complete paintings for my upcoming Secret Squirrels show. I’ve just completed this one, although it’s still wet and needs to dry.


Robot Squirrel complete

Robot Squirrel is finally complete!

Robot Squirrel, 10 X 12, Oil on Canvas

Robot Squirrel, 10 X 12, Oil on Canvas