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My guest appearance on Exhibit-V coverage of the Victoria Emerging Art Awards at the Avenue Gallery!

Hello friends and fans (hiccup),

I attended the Victoria Emerging Art Awards last night at the Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay and reconnected with friends and clients from my graphic design / web development life, and met some Facebook friends in person for the first time (holy cow it was great).

AND because I’m so vain – I’d like to point out my guest appearance in this Exhibit-V video (which will no doubt encourage you even more to watch it.

Now back to the people I met at the VEAA event.

First was the dear, and entertaining Peter Such, President of the Victoria College of Art. He knows me from my web development/graphic design days, plus from when I took evening classes with Alain Costaz, and Carol Thompson there.

The first Facebook friend I met was Tara Juneau. She’s super cute in real life, a truly lovely woman. I look forward to connecting with her again much more in the future.

Second, it was great to meet Efren Quiroz, the owner of Exhbit-V . He provides an amazing gift to the local arts community by filming and publishing art events at his website. I’ve watched nearly all of them, and it’s given me the opportunity to see great art, amazing galleries, and to get to know the local artist community. I feel more connected, and above all, more educated about the art that is available for purchase. A big thank-you to Efren for providing this invaluable, and complimentary service. I hope he accepts donations or corporate sponsorship in future to keep him motivated for years, and years to come. I think he could make a great television program out of his work. And a big thank-you to him for my guest appearance on his latest vid!

Saint Squirrel – He protects you because you’re NUTS!

Saint Squirrel and a myriad of other names come to mind – BUT –  he is officially unnamed. I will accept suggestions until Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 using the comment area below this post.  This painting is STILL IN PROGRESS, but I aim to finish up next week.

Saint Squirrel - Protects you to be determined

Saint Squirrel - Protects you to be determined

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria – House Tour Sept 2010

House Tour

Credit: Jennifer Cook

Sunday, September 12, 2010
11:00am – 5:00pm

This is Victoria’s premier house tour and promises to sell out early!

This year experience “A Day on the Peninsula” with a tour of 7 beautiful homes on the Saanich Peninsula. These homes were designed and built to take advantage of panoramic ocean and countryside views. This is island living at its most spectacular: modern homes in wonderful settings, created to suit their owners’ life styles.

Lots of ocean and countryside views, plus local artists at each house.

The House Tour is the single most important annual fundraiser produced by the Associates of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The funds raised support the development of education and exhibition programming at the Gallery.

Tickets: $35 available August 13, 2010 at the following locations:

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1040 Moss Street, Victoria BC
250-384-4171 x.0

Garden Works
1916 Oak Bay Ave
4290 Blenkinsop Rd
1859 Island Hwy, Colwood

Peninsula Gallery
100-2506 Beacon Ave

Visit Art Gallery of Greater Victoria website

Red Shoes Squirrel (Saint Squirrel) still in progress

Just posting latest development of Saint Squirrel (with Red Shoes name to be determined). He’s coming along nicely. Still much more work to do. Quite a few changes since last post.

Saint Squirrel with Red Shoes (in progress)

Saint Squirrel with Red Shoes (in progress)

Humboldt Valley Summer Festival, Victoria, BC

Humboldt Valley Summer Festival, Victoria, BC

Aug 14, 2010 @ 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM


Humboldt Street between Government and Blanshard Streets, Victoria, BC

The Humboldt Valley will come alive with fun today courtesy of the Humboldt Valley Merchants Association.
*Check out gallery exhibition openings by Les Chan and George Gordienko at Winchester Galleries on Humboldt St.
*18 artists painting and sculpting on the plaza
*Live jazz including the Noah Becker Trio and legendary singer June Katz
*Members of the Pacific Opera Victoria Chorus
*Sean Fyfe, Karel Roessingh and the kr3 Trio
*Magicians and jugglers
*Shakespearean players
*Honica jewellery
*Wood carving . glass art . unique pottery
*Collage making
*Unveiling of important Canadian sculptures
*Realtor open house
*Presentations on the history of tea and the history of the Bengal Lounge . fashions . win a diamond ring . spa treatments . hairstyling
*Oyster shucking. beer and bratwurst . cotton candy. lemonade popcorn . iced tea
For more information please call 250-382-7750.

See Tourism Victoria website for Map

Have a look at the world famous gopher museum in Torrington, Alberta

The World Famous Gopher Hole Musuem

The World Famous Gopher Hole Musuem

I knew there were people out there like me. About the size of an RV, Torrington Gopher Hole Museum features stuffed gophers (actually, “Richardson’s Ground Squirrels) posed to resemble the townspeople. Exhibits include gophers dressed as a priest, bank robber, RCMP officer, duck hunter, firefighter, and beautician, among others. Dressed in elaborate costumes and framed by elaborately painted backdrops, the gophers pose in cabinets, their glassy eyes indifferent to the media attention they provoke and the letters pouring in on their behalf.

  • HOURS Daily 10 am – 5 pm. (Call to verify)
  • ADDRESS 208 1 St S, Torrington, Alberta, Canada
  • COST$2.00

See the photogallery

Torrington Beauty Salon, Photograph by Brian Gavriloff,

Torrington Beauty Salon, Photograph by Brian Gavriloff,

Bowker Creek Brush Up August 08, 2010

This community’s version of the Moss Street Paint-in is set for Sunday, Aug. 8. It’s the sixth year artists will gather in the green space along Bowker Creek between Hampshire Road and Armstrong Avenue to paint and present their work. More than 40 have signed up this year.

Visitors to the Aug. 8 Bowker Creek Brush-up are encouraged to walk or cycle to the event, which will run from 11 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

More information click here

Saint Squirrel – major changes in progress

I began painting Saint Squirrel in May 2010 and posted an update in June 2010.

Major changes have happened in the last week. I’m very excited about the direction it has taken, and I feel my painting mojo is in motion.

Still in progress – but worthy of posting it’s latest incarnation – Saint Squirrel with Red Shoes (actual title to be determined).

Saint Squirrel with Red Shoes (name to be determined)

Saint Squirrel with Red Shoes (name to be determined)

Tony Ryder’s Demonstration: Santa Fe Painting Holiday: Part 4

As discussed in an earlier post, I went to Santa Fe, New Mexico in July to take a two week portrait painting class from Tony Ryder (Ryder Studio School).

During the morning of each day (Monday to Friday), Tony would demonstrate the techniques by painting his own canvas using the live model. This began with vine charcoal on canvas for the Block In, the Ink In with oil paint and Gamsol, the Under painting, troubleshooting the Under painting, and finally the Form painting.

This process is about seeing the form as 3D – turning, twisting, weaving through and the effect of the light. We were reminded every day to look at where the large complex forms meet, focused on the highest point rather than the lowest point.

Overall, it was an amazing, disciplined, equation by colour, draftsman-like style of painting from a live model. I took photographs of Tony’s demonstration and have posted a short video of still photos here, so you get an idea of the steps to create the 3D illusion. Please remember this is Tony Ryder’s painting (not mine), as I thought this would be a better representation of what the end result is supposed to look like (smile).

It is interesting to note that Tony Ryder studied in New York with Ted Seth Jacobs, and through a chart called The Flowering Staircase (1435 – 1935) posted at Studio Escalier (by Timothy Stotz) you can read the trace of Master-Apprentice or Teacher-Student Relationship (4-6 years minimun, as a rule) – linked back to Michelangelo.

The Flowering Staircase by Timothy Stotz | click to see larger version

The Flowering Staircase by Timothy Stotz | click to see larger version

Opening Receptions for Art Shows | Victoria, BC | August 2010

For a full list of Opening Receptions for Art Shows during the month of August 2010 in Victoria BC, please visit this website: