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Anacortes Arts Festival, August 6-8, 2010, Anacortes, Washington

For all the folks out there on the water sailing around the islands this summer – why not head down to Anacortes and visit the Anacortes Arts Festival, August 6-8, 2010

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On August 6, 7 and 8, 2010, the streets of Anacortes fill with 260 outstanding juried Booth Artisans, first class Fine Art Exhibitions, Culinary Art with an international selection of foods, and a creative Youth Activities area for the youngest artists. Join them for our 49th Arts Festival.

Garden Art

They are expanding the number of Booth Artisans this year to include a Garden Art area between 2nd and 3rd Streets just north of the Main Stage. Nine Booth Artisans will provide a great selection of artistic creations for your home.

Expanded Entertainment

Four stages of free music and a six-concert program for as little as $15 each bring 74 hours of Entertainment to the Festival.

Analyze colour perception in a poster study: Ryder Studio School, Santa Fe, New Mexico: Day 3

Tony Ryder’s Ryder Studio School offers a 9 month course during the school year, but to my delight, they also offer 3 different 2 week intensive courses. I chose the 2 week portrait painting in oil. We worked on a single portrait for two weeks.

Tony Ryder (Ryder Studio School) demonstrating the Poster Study during two week intensive portrait painting class

Tony Ryder (Ryder Studio School) demonstrating the Poster Study during two week intensive portrait painting class

My first day of class at the Ryder Studio School was like the first day of elementary school. I’ve always had such good memories of the first day; new faces, people to meet, and things to learn. Toby (M. Tobias Hall) was our live model for the 2 weeks. We worked on painting his portrait the entire time.

Toby is also an amazing artist in his own right, and is moving to Seattle, WA, with his artist girlfriend Mercia in September 2010 (hint, hint if you want to commission a portrait by him and you live in Victoria, BC).

There were 14 students in our class, some of whom have been learning under Tony Ryder for up to 2 years (including Toby), and they came from all over the United States, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, and of course Canada!

I love the process, system, and order that is immediately evident from day 1. First, we were designated a cubby hole for our art supplies (yippee since I dislike the burden of carrying around art supplies). Next, we were allocated out own painting position, where our easel would remain for two weeks (you need the same position to paint a portrait from a live model).

Palette Layout for oil paints on Corian surface

Palette Layout for oil paints on Corian surface

I ended up with Position 5, where I had the model almost full face on. I felt pretty good about my position (won by lottery), until I realized I was the only one who had to paint TWO EARS. Everyone else had profile, or just enough that only one ear was showing.

It didn’t matter once I got the ears drawn in, and subsequently realized I would probably only touch on the form painting anyway.  It occurred to me early into the following week, when all of us (the whole class included) realized how much work and precision this colour mixing thing is, and the million little math formulas it requires to get the desired results! It’s hard, and disciplined work, man!

Tony Ryder's poster study (demonstration)

Tony Ryder's poster study (demonstration)

On the first day we watched Tony (as we did every morning) demonstrate the poster study. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate some ideas about colour mixing and value scales of the subject. It reminded me of the Photoshop effect by the same name, having the same effect when manipulating a photograph.

After class ended on day 1, some of us learned how to stretch a canvas (a first for me). Mine was stretched by the famous M.Tobias Hall – which I’m sure I’ll regret not having him sign it. It was also my first experience using oil paints, and learning how to  lay out a paint palette as recommended by Tony. This was combined with some good housekeeping tips for best results.

My poster study from class

My poster study from class

After watching Tony in the morning, it was then our turn to set up and begin the poster study. We began by outlining the shape of Toby’s head with brown, using a dab of paint and Gamsol, and our other solvent medium mixture.

As instructed, we began with the darkest accents first called the base mixture, and then began to mix the next value up. If there is a value change, then there is a colour change.

We were constantly reminded to think of colour, hue, value, and intensity. We mixed paint and added in colour like pixels. We all had a brush washers filled with Gamsol, and learned the best way to wash them.

One student asked Tony how an artist can become confident about a colour choice, and Tony’s quote of the day in response was,

” Never get in a whale boat with a person who’s not afraid of a whale”. I took this to mean that it’s good to be scared. This keeps you on your toes, and aware at all times!

Marmot - seen on the way home from class

Marmot - seen on the way home from class

Next post will include the Vine Charcoal phase and how Mighty Mouse is the patron saint of the Block In, along with more tour info like local churches and museums.

Vancouver Art Gallery: The Modern Woman – Drawings by Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Other Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris June 5 to September 6, 2010

Vancouver Art Gallery:

The Modern Woman
Drawings by Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Other Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris

June 5 to September 6, 2010

The first drawing exhibition ever to travel from the Musée d’Orsay brings works from the world’s finest collection of 19th-century French art to Vancouver. Presented are nearly 100 works by celebrated French artists such as Daumier, Degas, Gauguin, Manet, Pissaro, Renoir, Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Seurat, Vuillard and others.

Visit website for more information

Sooke Fine Art Show 2010 – July 24 – August 2

Sooke Fine Arts Show 2010 • July 24 – August 2
SEAPARC Leisure Complex – 2168 Phillips Road • Sooke, BC • Canada • V9Z 0Y3

The Sooke Fine Arts Show provides the opportunity for both well-known and emerging artists from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands to showcase their work. Along with the 7,500 annual visitors who attend the art show, the show draws hundreds of art patrons from British Columbia, and throughout western Canada and the United States.

Visit website for ticket information

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Pop Gallery – Day 2

My friend Elena gave me a tourist guide for Santa Fe about 3 years ago. The one gallery that stood out in my mind, which I bookmarked and linked from my blogroll was the Pop Gallery Santa Fe.






CJ Metzger Dead Love-Muertos in the Forest, 2009 MIXED MEDIA original on boar

CJ Metzger Dead Love-Muertos in the Forest, 2009 MIXED MEDIA original on boar

They focus on the type of art that I really like best. The Pop Gallery was established in January 2007. Representing POP Art in numerous media with an esteemed focus on POP Modernism, Illustration Art, Animation, Photography & Sculpture. Nestled across from the historic Coyote Café on Water Street the gallery hosts an environment unique to the city with vibrant color and a European salon atmosphere thus embracing locals and tourists alike.

Owners & curators Michael McDowell & Sharla Throckmorton-McDowell bring over 20 years of diverse high end fine art experience to the gallery which serves private and corporate collections throughout the world, and are a real treat to  interact with when making an art purchase.

I’ve been following different shows and represented artists (through the Pop Gallery email newsletter and Facebook fan page) like CJ Metzger & Miss Mindy (known as the Artist Sisters), Brandon Maldonado (whose art I will post in future blog post), and more. When I walked through the doors – I had a religious experience. Sharla, the owner  (she owns it with her husband), greeted us at the door and made us welcome right away. To make a long story short, I fell in love with a CJ Metzger painting called, Dead Love-Muertos in the Forest, 2009, MIXED MEDIA original on board. It has all the elements I love such as big eyed girls, animals, yummy colours, religious iconography (Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead – mask), and nice boobs.

I highly recommend you sign up to receive their newsletter at the Pop Gallery website to receive notices about events and new pieces for sale.

Visit Pop Gallery website here






Pop Gallery, Santa Fe

Pop Gallery, Santa Fe


Santa Fe, New Mexico: Painting Holiday, Day 1

I went on a painting holiday to study with Tony Ryder (based on a synthesis of observation and traditional painting theory) at the Tony Ryder Studio where they specialize in form painting and classical realism. It was tough work, and over the next few days I will post about what I learned. I’ll also be posting galleries and exhibits we visited  like the Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstraction exhibit at the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum the 3rd Annual POP Femme Sugar Coated Strange 2010 and at the Memento Mori exhibit at the Pop Gallery (to name a few).

Entrance to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Entrance to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico

From the moment we touched down on the tarmac, I knew I would love Santa Fe, New Mexico. The mixture of Pueblo People, Mexican, Spanish, and Art, Art, Art is a lot to love. There seems to be perhaps 2000 art galleries, museums, jewelry stores, and restaurants (plus a fajita stand) all within walking distance of each other. I think I may have found heaven.

The following day (July 4th Independence Day), we explored the town. We first visited the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. The Abstraction show was on. I’ve seen O’Keeffe’s works in other galleries, but it was a great retrospective of her abstract works. As I walked around the museum, I was struck by how the paintings reminded me of lady bits, you know – female body parts, crotch shots and even one that reminded me of a fetus.

It wasn’t until I sat through the 10 minute movie at the end of the tour, about her life and love of her husband, where they talked about how his art show of nude photos of Georgia – affected how critics saw her work as sexual – and how that affected her so negatively that she painted realism for years after that.

Well, I felt a little bad about thinking the abstracts looked like lady bits – but seriously Georgia! Maybe I’m just a rudy-pa-toody. I clearly failed the Freudian experience with your abstracts!

The rest of the day was spent looking at churches, jewelry shops, and the Pop Gallery and the 3rd Annual POP Femme Sugar Coated Strange 2010
More to come tomorrow and a photo of my favorite painting by CJ Metzger.

Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Pop Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief, Art Show, AGGV – Victoria, BC

{from the AGGV website}

Kent Monkman | Beaded Moccasins, 2007 | machine loomed beads on vinyl shoes | collection of the artist

Kent Monkman | Beaded Moccasins, 2007 | machine loomed beads on vinyl shoes | collection of the artist


June 18, 2010September 12, 2010

Kent Monkman is a Toronto-based artist of Cree and Irish ancestry. He produces work in a variety of media, including painting, video, film, photography, sculpture, installation, and performance.

Monkman draws inspiration from the histories depicted in 19th century art, including photography and Romantic painting, colonial portrayals of Aboriginal peoples and cinematic genres such as classic Hollywood westerns. Using these conventions, he constructs new stories through images that take into account missing narratives and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples.

Visit AGGV website for more info

Photowalk Victoria – Photography event Victoria, BC

Meeting Location & Time

The Big Pearl across from the Gate of Harmonious Interest (10:45am – 01:00pm)

1699 Government St, Victoria, BC- Canada

After the walk, meet at: Canoe Brew Pub

Date: July 24th, 2010

Sign up here and visit website:

A circuit of Old Town—some industrial, some decrepit, some gentrified, some funky, some upscale. Start at Government & Fisgard, along Government to Pembroke, through the industrial section to Store, along Store to Pandora, up Pandora to Fan Tan Alley (which Google doesn’t recognize), through the alley to Fisgard, down Fisgard, across Store, down Swift to the Canoe Brew Pub (minors OK). There will be a variety of urban sights and textures. Lots of buses one block east on Douglas. There is a city parkade in the 600 block of Fisgard on the same plaza where they will be meeting.

Stinking Fish Studio Tour: Art Exhibit Summer 2010

{From the Stinking Fish website}

Summer Tour 2010
July 24th to August 2nd
10 am – 5 pm

Metchosin and East Sooke are located in a beautiful coastal area of Vancouver Island near Victoria, BC. Many artists and artisans have chosen to live and work here, finding inspiration amidst the rolling landscape and lush rain forests near the sea. The Stinking Fish Studio Tour features the best of fine art and fine craft on the southern island, surrounded by its natural beauty.

Come explore one of the richest “art trails” on the island – meet the artists, see their work and take some home with you! Admission is free. All are welcome. Artworks are for sale.

For a chauffeur driven tour contact L.A. Limousines

All Stinking Fish artists are juried by peer professionals to assure the highest quality in fine art and fine craft. Follow the Stinking Fish MAP to find unusual gifts and treasures you won’t find anywhere else! Search for sample galleries and info on artists by ARTIST, MEDIUM or STUDIO.

Emily Carr Exhibit: On the Edge of Nowhere – AGGV, Victoria, BC

{From the AGGV website}

With this exhibition, the AGGV will become the premiere destination on Vancouver Island to visit and learn about Emily Carr through her paintings. On the Edge of Nowhere will include an historical survey of Carr’s artistic career, featuring pieces in all the media and styles she explored and perfected. It will also focus on Carr’s influences and inspirations, such as European modern art, members of the Group of Seven artists, First Nations artists, Carr’s spirituality, and her interest in developing an art that speaks of her personal experience and her connection to the West Coast landscape.


Date:  June 30, 2010June 30, 2012

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
1040 MOSS ST
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 4P1
(250) 384-4101