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Dorothy Circus Gallery “Lowbrow” and “Pop Surrealism”

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Dorothy Circus Gallery is a new space in Rome dedicated to “Lowbrow” and “Pop Surrealism”, two of the most controversial, vital and exciting movements of contemporary art.
The gallery conceived by Alexandra Mazzanti and Jonathan Pannacciò.

Dorothy Circus Gallery is an encounter between classical criteria and the will to experiment, the gateway for those who want to approach the fascinating artistic current born in late 60’s Los Angeles.
“Lowbrow” and “Pop Surrealism” are born from an unusual alchemical fusion, a multicultural mix in which memories of childhood games blend with aspects of noir carnival, reinventing an ectoplasmic reality that reflects the complications of everyday life. The confusing and hallucinated psychic automatisms of the surrealist movement are now mixed with the American hot rod culture, underground comics and punk music, creating a perfect chaos , where absolute iconographic anarchy reigns . Pinups from the 50’s smile at a gothic Alice rival of Lolitas dancing softly to the songs of the Pixies and Cure. Scenarios inspired by Hieronymus Bosch are filled with strange animals, clumsy figures and comical demons. A paradoxical atmosphere with weird presences that reminds us of a David Lynch film, a multicultural melting pot: street culture, pure pop, bizarre illustration, manga.

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Open Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm
Via Nuoro, 17 00182 Roma • ph: +39 06 7021179 • +39 06 70161256

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