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Bunzilla – oil and acrylic



Well, I bought some oil paints today, and I’m feeling the vibe to transition from acrylic. This painting was started in acrylic, but will be finished in oil paints. The first hybrid, and the next painting will be in oil.
This is still in progress. (44)

Wee Rock Whisky Club Tasting

Great night with good food (especially the chocolate cake made with chestnuts!!) and fantastic people from the Wee Rock Whisky Club from Saltspring Island. Lots of laughs and we managed to taste/score some whisky. Here’s the list below, and my tasting notes:

Duncan Taylor Imperial 17yo 53.9%
Nose: Melon, pear, sweet, fruit buttery. Taste: caramel, chocolate End: Pepper Rating: 4 stars

Duncan Taylor Clynelish NC2 13yo 46%
Nose: mild malt. Taste: Malty, mild smoke, little butric, Cinnamon Rating: 2 stars

Duncan Taylor Aberlour 12yo 46%
Green grass, hay, floral licorise, chocolate .Rating: 3 stars

Adelphi Breath of Speyside 16yo 57.9%
Taste: Sherry, plum, fruit, earth worms, dirt, match-sticks. Rating: 1 star

Adelphi Breath of the Highlands 22yo 55.2%
Malty, sweet, woody, nutty, dry, earthy. Rating: 4 stars

Adelphi Mortlach 17yo 57.5%
Plum, sugar, milt hot, licorise. Rating: forgot

Duncan Taylor Dalmore 17yo 56.9%
Dried fruit, apricots, old lady perfume. Rating 2 stars

Duncan Taylor Highland Park NC2 10yo 46%
Smke, cheesy, mild pepper ending. Rating 4 stars

Adelphi Breath of the Isles 16yo 56.2%
Peaty, licorise. Rating 4 stars.

Bruichladdich Octomore 5yo 63.5%
Smoke, chlorine pool, yummy. Rating: 5 stars

They Walk on Water – complete

They Walk on Water

They Walk on Water

Size: 48″ X 36″
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Date: 2009
Artist: Carollyne Yardley

I finally finished this painting last weekend. I started it in November 2008 as an abstract painting. It then morphed into a second abstract painting. And while I enjoy the works of other artists who create abstract paintings, it’s not currently happening, of my hand, at the end of my brush.

After my second attempt at the “genre of abstract”, I sat back a moment and whilst staring into the shapes and figures, I started to see eyeballs emerge. I jumped back into the paint and let my brush follow the natural contours. I felt a great sense of gratification when these wee beasties emerged. I hope you enjoy. (110)

I will revisit this painting next month as it becomes the first progression of a diptych. I intend to continue the scene to the right. Can you see the green dragon’s body?

I’ve also started the first painting from the Jen Steele photo shoot, and hope to have it finished by next month.

Susan Boyle – Singer – Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics)

Susan Boyle – Singer – Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics)


47 Year old Susan Boyle wows the judges with her performance in the auditions for Britains Got Talent, singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables. Here are the Lyrics(Thanks to NewHotdox)

Extraodinary shock describes it the best. Wow.

Elvis Presley – I got a woman

This requires dedication. Friday afternoon rock provided to you on Thursday. Elvis Live. Enjoy.

Arran Whisky Tasting

1) Arran – Robert Burns 250 Commemorate Anniversary
Bourbon Cask (6000 Bottles), 43% Single Malt
2) Arran 12 yo, 46% Single Malt
Built as new distillery in 1995
3) Arran  55.3%  Sherry cask
#88 (513 Bottles) 1998/2008
brown sugar, xmas fruit plums
4) Arran NAS Medeira 50% Ltd Edition (5760 Bottles)
Single Malt Bourbon Cask and finish in a wine cask
5) Arran 59.8% 4yo Peated Cask
#103/225 Bottles/2004
licorise peat, not pepper

Jen Steele Photoshoot – another photo

Carollyne YardleyHere’s another photo from the Jen Steele Photoshoot. I like this one too, although the colour version would make a better painting. To see more of Jen’s work, visit her website:

Lady Gaga

I love her whole package; voice, music, costume design, sets, awesome girl.

Elvis – Polk Salad Annie

Friday afternoon rock – even though it’s still morning – ENJOY!

Federation of Canadian Artists Spring Show 2009

 Federation of Canadian Artists Spring Show 2009

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria, G6 1001 Douglas (Sussex Courtyard) 250-381-2787