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Art & Scotch in Seattle

We returned safely from Seattle, Washington. What was the purpose? The 16th Annual Single Malt Scotch Whisky Extravaganza co-hosted by the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. Added benefit? The Seattle Art Museum!

Trying to find a single malt or whisky that I haven’t had before is starting to get a little difficult. This is not for a lack of trying, it’s because I have the malt mileage of an 80 year old man.

Whisky I tasted this weekend:

Michael Collins Single Malt Ireland (aged 8-12 years) – a surprise for the night, smoke and chocolate – the best rep too (hi Chelsea!).

Loch Chaim – Glen Garioch 1989 – 17 year old, fruit and spice and reminds me little bit of Glenmorangie, very earth wormy. Fun to pronounce.

Scapa 16 year old. Highlands Orkney. One of the best of the lot.

SMWS Cask 26.58 Northern Highlands (Clynelish) called Pink Peppercorns and Liquorice Allsorts – definately liquorice, and grassy notes.

SMWS 97.13 – 18 Year old Western Lowlands (Littlemill) called Lemons, Chillies and Flowers, very nice dram.

SMWS Cask 53.11 – 15 year old North Shore (Caol Isla) called Smoke and Soot with Liquorice Root. Very bon!

SMWS Cask 7.47 – 39 year old higlands region (Longmorn) called Church Pews and Tobacco – the best one for me!

SMWS – Cask 91.19, 20 year old highlands (DUFFTOWN) called the No-nonsense Dram.

The Seattle Art Museum was great. Highlights include:

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness features the extraordinary holdings of American art at the Yale University Gallery.

Paintings by George de Forest Brush have been recently rediscovered, providing the inspiration for an exhibition of 21 works of art by this gifted but little-known 19th-century American artist.

This installation of four suits from the SAM collection features the work of contemporary artists Walter Oltmann and Nick Cave.

 And my favourites from the Modern/Contemporary art: 


Some/One, 2001
Stainless steel military dog-tags, nickel plated copper sheets, steel structure, glass fiber reinforced resin, rubber sheets
Do-Ho Suh

 Sea Change, 1947

Sea Change, 1947
Jackson Pollock


St. John the Baptist, 1988
Jeff Koons


Mann und Maus, 1991-92
Katharina Fritsch

visit his website for larger photos by Ken Hamel/