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Experiment with multimedia

Experiment with multimedia


This is an experiment with multimedia. Glass beads, acrylic, cardboard, tissue paper and oragami paper with lots of gel medium. I’m playing with textures, and will soon incorporate these techniques into my 3ft X 4ft painting with roller duck that is in progress.

What I tasted at the Victoria Whisky Festival

Springbank Tasting with Peter Currie: Hazelburn 8 Sprinbank 10 Springbank 15 Springbank Vintage 1996 Longrow CV Longrow Gaja Barolo Springbank Modera Finish

Woodford Reserve Masterclass with Chris Morris: Makers Mark Woodford Reserve Buffalo Trace Kentuky Straight Bourbon Sweet Mash Gentlemen Jack JD Tennessee. Since enjoying the Masterclass with Chris Morris the Master Distiller of Woodford Reserve so much, we are planning a trip to Kentucky and while we’re in the neighborhood, a side visit to Mecca (Memphis and Graceland!).  

Highland Park Masterclass: Presented by Craig Jonstone we tasted the 12, 18, 25, 40 years old respectively.

 Highlights of the Consumer Tasting were drams I hadn’t tried before.  My short list included:  An Cnoc 1975, Highwood Distilleries Century Reserve 15, Bushmills 1608, Armorik, Finlaggan (Bowmore?), Crown Royal 25. And everything Amrut (Indian Whisky). Especially the Peated Amrut – holy cow (no pun intended).

Personal whisky tasting: Black Bowmore 1942

I will post the Arran Distillery whiskies from the dinner later today.

For media coverage and photos coming soon, visit the website:

To listen to highlights of the festival visit Malt Maniac, Mark Gillespie’s

Collectors sue gallery over disputed painting

Norval Morrisseau’s Grandfather Speaks of Ancestral Warriors.

Norval Morrisseau’s 58-inch by 61-inch painting Grandfather Speaks of Ancestral Warriors.
Photograph by: David Kawai, The Ottawa Citizen

Morrisseau, maybe: Ottawa couple says uncertainty over authenticity of coveted artist’s work may cost them dearly; gallery ‘stands by the authenticity’ of painting

The late Norval Morrisseau, Canada’s most celebrated aboriginal artist, was known to be a great painter but a lousy speller.
So Jonathan and Julie Browne of Ottawa were not initially concerned when the Morrisseau painting they bought from Edmonton’s Bearclaw Gallery in April 2007 arrived with the following title scrawled on the back: “Grandfather Speaks of Great Ansistrail Warrior.”
Read the whole article   (article no longer available by Times Colonist).

UPDATE (Dec 28, 2014)

I received an unsolicited email from a fellow named Sam Fleishman this week, suggesting an additional link to read (as opposed to the links in comments section below).  This original blog post dates back to 2009. I have no plans any time soon to read further on the topic of the Norval Morrisseau authenticity story. But dear reader, you are in luck! I’ve posted his recommended reading so that you may give it a thorough investigation. Enjoy!

From: Sam Fleishman
Subject: web site contact form submission

You ought to get rid of Paul Gessell’s article from your web, on Morrisseau which has shown to be journalistic incompetence in overdrive, with all the people he promoted, thoroughly discredited in court after court, and the paintings he alleged as faked proven by scientists to be authentic. If you respect yourself as a thinking artist start reading as well.

Abstract by Instruction

Abstract by Instruction

Title: Pearldom
Size: 16 X 16
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artist: Carollyne Yardley
Date: 2009

I thought I’d post this abstract, since it’s taking me longer than expected to finish, They Walk on Water, the 3ft X 4ft canvas with roller duck and characters.

This abstract adhered to the following:

1) A medium square shape
2) An area of brushstrokes of two colours
3) Three long parallel lines
4) Rectangular shape that borders the edge
5) Small blocks of colour on a tinted grey ground*

Tinted: Add colour to black and white.

Or do you like it this way better?

 Abstract by Instruction

Shading and colour

Pop art madness - in progress

Worked a little more on this today (5). Mostly on the right-hand side and the birdy.

Refining the characters

Pop art madness

A few more hours spent on this one. Went the the art shop today to buy some more paint. This is the largest painting I’ve tackled to date. 3 ft X 4 ft. (4)

Pop art madness

The Hooligans

This painting was started back in early December. It was originally an abstract painting, and has many layers. I just kept painting away and started pulling out shapes. It was a surprise to me when these characters appeared. I’m having a great time with this. As I have no model or inspiration other than from inside my mind, I’m finding this very enjoyable. I don’t have a definative title yet, but Hooligans or They Walk on Water might be something to work with. This is just the base layer; I’ll commit to colours soon. (12)