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Officer and a GentleSquirrel – complete

Officer and a GentleSquirrel

Title: An Officer and a GentleSquirrel, 2008

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 18 X 24, Gallery Wrap

Artist: Carollyne Yardley

Vanity Fair Exhibition – Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Vanity Fair Exhibition

I returned from Scotland feeling refreshed and loving art. I will write more extensively later on, but for now, here is one of the highlights. I just love the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. They had 150 memorable portraits used on the covers of Vanity Fair magazine. Portraits ranged from Madonna to Katheryn Hepburn. Photographers such as Norma Jean Roy, Henry Bensen, and Annie Leibovitz.

The Faces of Vanity Fair

Launched in 1913, Vanity Fair helped put the “jazz” in the Jazz Age. Its second incarnation, born in 1983, has been held to even higher standards. offers a sampling of legendary images from both eras.

 Lobby of the National Portrait Gallery

Inside the lobby of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Worked on Tartan Pants today

An Officer and a Gentle Squirrel

Almost finished. Will also take better photo tomorrow. (2)

Painted in the curtains

An Officer and a Gentle Squirrel

More work on my latest squirrel today. Mostly filled in the backgound and some details. Bit more to do though, so it’s still not complete. (3)

Elvis Presley – Sweet Caroline (written by Neil Diamond)

Well, I found the best of three worlds. My favorite songwriter (Neil Diamond), my favourite singing performer (Elvis), all wrapped up in a white sweet-sweaty jumpsuit, singing my sweet ol’ favourite song (oh how vain). Add in a few karate moves, and you have a little bit of heaven according to moi! Enjoy!

Painted the hat and coat


More work on it today, background is starting to fill in, and more details added. (2)

Love Squirrels

img_0674_blog2.jpgI worked on this one a bit more tonight. Still have much more to do. (4)

Baby Tattooville

I found a website through Artnews Blog that linked to a show of 10 artists from the southern California region. Two artists in particular – I just fell in love with their work. When I have more time to dedicate to my art, my goal is to start illustrating scenes with a storyboard and narrative of the art with characters set in the middle of a story or a situation.



Click the link to see a full listing of the artists participating in Baby Tattooville.

Artwork credit: Brandy Milne | see website

Baby Tattooville

Biker art by local painter will star in new TV series

60165-21474_manonelder.jpgManon Elder’s works are part of the set in a show about an outlaw motorcycle club.

When Manon Elder began painting professionally 20 years ago, she never thought she’d become a biker chick.

Then the Oak Bay artist was best known for her oil-on-canvas portraits of great Canadian women. But she switched gears a few years ago to paint gleaming motorcycles and their leather-clad riders. Read More.

On the web:

Photo credit: Oak Bay artist Manon Elder’s painting Open Road will be featured in the new FX network television series Sons of Anarchy.
Photograph by : Debra Brash, Times Colonist

Officer and a GentleSquirrel – in progress

Officer and a GentleSquirrel - in progress

Worked a little bit more on the “outfit” or uniform (4)