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Art by Dr. Seuss in Victoria, BC


The Bay Centre is pleased to welcome its newest retailer, Artevo!  Located on Fort Street, Artevo is a unique art gallery offering many categories of artworks, from high end decorative to true fine art.  From August 27th to September 14th, Artevo will host a tour celebrating the Life and Retrospective Works of Dr. Seuss.  For more information, call 250-389-1699 or visit   

Dr. Seuss  

Theodor Seuss Geisel, a.k.a. Dr. Seuss, began his career as a little known editorial cartoonist in the 1920s. His intriguing perspective and fresh concepts ignited his career, and his work evolved quickly to deft illustrations…read full bio.



I popped into Artevo to take a look at the Dr. Seuss artwork. The items are serigraphs reproductions, BUT – the fact that you can see the large size paintings of the characters from all your favorite childhood bedtime stories makes this gallery worth a visit. Since the reproductions are such high quality, you get the same feeling as you would from the original (more or less). I had no idea Seuss painted large scale. You’ll also see the book characters in really surreal settings before they made it into the storybook setting. Very cool. Also interesting is his artwork from his advertising days. Really  funny political cartoons as well.

I Love Lucy- “Lucy Goes To Scotland”

My friend Xine got me looking for I Love Lucy shows on YouTube.
Forgot my addiction to I Love Lucy – this is a funny episode about going to

Sir Shakey Squirrel – in progress

Sir Shakey Squirrel - in progress

I worked on his pants and shoes today (4).

Sir Shakey Squirrel – wee painting

Sir Shakey Squirrel

In progress, love his trouse (Scottish trousers). (3)

Joe Average – Winchester Art Gallery

Joe Average at Winchester GalleryI had a quick visit to see the works by local artist (he lived here for 17 years), and now internationally famous, Joe Average at the Winchester Art Gallery on 1010 Broad Street today.

Selected Works are on show from August 02 – 27, 2008, Victoria, BC.

The signature painting used in the promotional materialhad been taken down (or sold?), and four paintings were left.

If I were to speculate irresponsibly (in the words of writer Christine Stephanitsis) – the painting 1984 1984  is perhaps making reference to having survived all or at least a portion of the party of the 1980’s, rocking to the music of Boy George. A quote next to the figure says, “we made it George.”  And it looks like Boy George to me. Â

The other artworks, also done in pastel were titled, Party and Party 2. These two are more like the pop art imagery by Joe Average, that I like.



Officer and a GentleSquirrel – in progress


He’s got l’ittl’ legs. More work today. What a cutie-pie – ahem – I mean tough guy! (2)

Sir Shakey the Squirrel – in PROGRESS

Sir Shakey the Squirrel

Yay – another squirrel painting is on the way. Sir Shakey has emerged as the subject of the painting. I’m excited to see how this one plays out. (2)

Still on my list of unfinished paintings: 1) Wonder Woman and Shakey 2) the Stained Glass Windows.

Andy Warhola


I went to see the Andy Warhol Exhibit, WARHOL: Larger Than Life, presented by the
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. I really enjoyed the exhibit, and highly recommend a visit (May 30, 2008 – August 24, 2008).

I especially liked the intimacy of the presentation.

The exhibit begins with his early sketches as a commercial illustrator. In particular, I liked the shoe advertisement for a

New York magazine. It took me back to the days of laying out ads for my high school year book. Totally old school – black pen, cut and paste, and my personal favorite – white out!

The exhibit unfolds a story about the real Andy Warhol, not just the wild-haired, crazy avant- garde public figure who embraced technology and mass image production. He would pee his pants if he knew about the image duplication technology available today!  

I loved the Canadian connection. Canadians who commissioned personal portraits by him included: Karen Kain, Wayne Gretsky and Conrad Black. It was also fascinating to read actual Canadian Border and Customs letters, discussing whether his works were really “art”, and how in Andy’s own words, “Vancouverites don’t buy art.” It will only take you about an hour to visit and soak it all up.

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