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Shakey and the Princess

Shakey and the PrincessThis painting now is titled. It’s called Shakey and the Princess. It’s a bit of a story, but involves the much feeding of squirrels, and one fellow who was injured during the mating season in our yard. His name is Shakey. He’s a bit better now, but for a time, he was eating with his head totally upside down, because he couldn’t stand erect. And he shakes. Alot. Shakey needed some love and attention, but he’s almost fully recovered albeit still blind in one eye.

I predict about another 6-8 hours on this one, I’ve basically got the whole idea down, and will start refining the features later on tonight. I’m starting on another painting too, and am in the beginnings of a series. Hmm, will Shakey appear again? We’ll see.

As an artist – you’re supposed to want media attention – correct?

scan0003_web.jpgWell, why not share with it y’all. I may be known as the Creative Director of Star Global, but I’m also known as a hard-drinking woman who drinks whisky. Maybe not hard drinking, but I’m a woman, and I love whisky. Does anyone have a recent study on the definition of hard drinking? Here’s an article that was posted with moi in it about a month ago. It was printed originally in the local rag, the Times Colonist, just before the Victoria Whisky Festival. Ya, ya – self promotion – ya. What does this have to do with my art – inspiration I tell you – INSPIRATION is in a full glass!



Acrylic, 18 X 24, Untitled, Carollyne Yardley

IN PROGESS: Carollyne Yardley, Untitled, Acrylic, 18 X 24

This painting is untitled as of yet, but is inspired by a painting by Raphael, I’ve done about 10 hours so far. So I’m getting a feeling of where my inspiration comes from, and I’ll be able to articulate a bit better in the coming months, as I read more art (even though I did a degree in History in Art from the University of Victoria, that was over a decade ago – memory loss!), I’m starting to understand better the terminology of the industry, and – thanks to one kind reader, I’m actually attributing the original artwork correctly now!. What a boob-job – if you caught it. What a laugh. Anyhow, moving forward as they say.

One thing I know for certain, I like classical paintings, I like big eyeballs, and I like illustration charicature. I like glamour and fashion. Love robes and religious icons. Love women looking exotic. So here we go for the first kick at the can. Carollyne Yardley’s paintings are inspired by classical, religious iconic women-folk with huge eye-balls – comic book style. Haha, for my own laughter of course.


Raphael Sanzio, La Donna Velata, 1515

 Raphael - Original 

Maude – The Bedouin Marauder

maude2.jpgHere’s my latest painting. I still might put some more work into the veil-work, but I’m happy with where it’s at. This painting was purely from my sub-conscious mind. Maude emerged from the painting, and as I’m teaching myself more about faces, I had to draw from memory on this one. She’s a one kick-butt lady, that’s for sure. Interesting what the mind will reveal given the chance.

Look 2008 CACGV

Location: The Bay Centre, is being held on the third floor at The Bay Centre in unit # 303 (Third Floor elevators)Exhibition Dates: Friday, Feb 08th to Saturday, March 01, 2008Exhibition hours: Monday – Saturday 12 noon – 5 pm, some evenings until 9pm.Opening: Thursday, Feb 7th, 5:30 – 9 pm

The CACGV puts on the LOOK VICTORIA Regional Show during February of every year. The LOOK Show is a visual arts exhibition open to artists residing in the CRD area, including Vancouver Island south of the Malahat, and the


Islands. The exhibitions represent a panorama of recent 2D and 3D works by emerging and practicing artists.

Entrants must be CACGV members and pay a small fee per piece. Prizes and awards, including the Juror’s Picks, People’s Choice Award and the Children’s Choice Award are given out at the opening reception by the Curatorial Chair, Dr. Pat Martin Bates.

Community Arts Council of Greater



I put Big-Eyed Fiona into this art show, if you’re interested in seeing her in person! She’s not for sale, but still would love you to pop down see the other artists work. I’ll be posting my latest painting later tonight called, “Maude - The Bedouin Marauder.”