Saint Squirrel: Protecting You 'Cause You're Nuts. Polymer Clay Sculpture.

Saint Squirrel: Protecting You ‘Cause You’re Nuts. Polymer Clay Sculpture.

As many of you know my paintings are all prototypes for 3D figures, designer toys, and storybook characters. While I’ve done other characters as felted dolls and plush toys before, the painting of Saint Squirrel: Protecting You Cause You’re Nuts, is getting ready for the 3D scanner in all of his polymer clay glory. You might remember him from The Secret Squirrels show, or on the cover of Focus Magazine, December 2012.

Saint Squirrel Cover of Focus Magazine December 2012

I contracted the task of creating the 3D sculpture out of polymer clay to Kirsten Sawatsky. She’s been sculpting for many years, and was used to exacting the details I was looking for. Using a greeting card with the image of Saint Squirrel, she brought this funny character to life.

Yes, I am going the way of the Warhol, Koons and Murakami. Tell them I’m looking for a factory if they have an extra one kicking around. I have too many ideas and not enough time to take every concept and manufacture all by hand myself, and since we’re in the era of the artist as a brand, I see this to be no different than having any item created by expert craftsman under the guidance of the artist and/or the guidelines set out by the brand name. Louis Vuitton ain’t sewing his own handbags, and your accountant ain’t filing all the paperwork by herself if you catch my drift.

Saint Squirrel Painting and 3D Polymer Clay Sculpture.

Saint Squirrel Painting and 3D Polymer Clay Sculpture.

As I reported previously, I will be taking this 3D model to Protoype Equipment Design to be scanned into a 3D scanner. From there I will have a .stl file to work with, and am looking forward to seeing what materials I can recreate this in. I am tossing around the idea of limited edition designer toys out of vinyl, but rocking a Saint Squirrel on the dash of your car like a hula girl also appeals to me. Can’t you just see him all bobble head and everything? And then there’s the idea of a 100 ft gold statue, but I digress…

Saint Squirrel: Protecting You ‘Cause You’re Nuts!
More Saint Squirrel Greeting Cards will be added to my Etsy store soon.