Romancing the Squirrel Invite

Opening Reception: Friday, February 22, from 6-9 pm
Please RSVP by Feb 20th as space is limited:
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Location: The ApARTment Gallery
Google Maps: 1016 Fort Street (upstairs)
Tel: 778-430-5585

Romancing the Squirrel showcases the progression of Carollyne Yardley’s fascinating squirrel series. Yardley furthers the portrait into intricate narratives and all encompassing environments where the presence of the squirrel pops up in unexpected places. Recognizable characters mingle with Yardley’s squirrely exteriors to envision a life where our alien, humorous and subconscious personalities are revealed.

Carollyne Yardley’s signature style has captivated all, creating composite squirrel creatures which inspire discussion and laughter.  By entering the subconscious and revealing our hidden characters, Yardley challenges the spectator to let their inner selves free.  Romancing the Squirrel presents the next progression of this unique series while embracing the origins of ‘The Squirrel’.  This is no ordinary art event, rather it is an all encompassing environment of quirky characters and eccentric worlds.  Jump into the surreal mind of Carollyne Yardley – you may never want to jump back out!

Use your imagination and explore the intricacies of Yardley’s eccentric worlds and histories. Her artistic prowess moves beyond the canvas for this exciting exhibition full with quirky characters and surreal socialites. Explore the alternate reality of this intriguing artist.

Ellen Manning
The ApARTment Gallery

Show continues:  April 01, 2013

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