After reading the awesomesauce article in Monday Magazine, by MaryEllen Green, my mom reminded me of a peculiar habit I had as a child, which made her think of why I like squirrels.


by MaryEllen Green, Monday Magazine, July 19-25, 2012, pg. 8)

{The squirrel is nature’s supreme gatherer  amassing nuts, berries and seeds, then hiding them away for retrieval at a later date.

Local artist Carollyne Yardley is much the same, except she collects unique vintage clothing, luxurious costume jewelry, hand-made hats and ornate picture frames, storing them away in her tickle trunk as inspiration for her next painting}

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Apparently (which I sort of remember), when I was about two years old, my Mom would dole out Smarties to me in two and three’s. I would then (without her knowledge), eat one or two smarties and wrap the others in an individual piece of toilet paper, and come back for more. If she gave me six smarties, I would wrap up about three smarties, hide them, and so on.

She found them all neatly distributed, and hidden in between the clean sheets in the linen closet. Once she discovered my “savings account”  she bought me a little box so I could keep my stashed loot in one place.

This was the one major “treasure” that had to travel with me when we went on road trips. When we moved to Victoria, Mom made the travel box road ready.

As I was saying goodbye to my Mom on the phone, it was sweet to hear her say, “you’ve always been like a squirrel!”

I have also realized that MaryEllen Green’s article has done more for me than help spread the word of squirrel throughout the community. She has helped me see how others hear me describe my artwork, and the quirky, unique things that make a person and their art be true to themselves.

I am grateful to have MaryEllen describe my artwork with her art of word – a world that reads with so much colour, exactly as I imagine it in my mind.

Artist is nuts for squirrels


By Mary Ellen Green – Monday Magazine