Exhibit-V, Blair, Yardley, Schultz and the Pop Sensibility, Friday, May 11, 2012 by Philip Willey

Many thanks to Philip Willey for his review at Exhibit-V about my art show Sirius Squirrels at Sooke Harbour House.  Here is an excerpt and click to read entire article here.

Call it synchronicity or serendipity, one of those words, but sometimes things just seem to come together….as when three quite different artists with similar pop interests decide to show simultaneously.

……The squirrels turned out to be an ideal vehicle for communicating her observations about people. They allow her to explore character development without being too blatant or anthropomorphic. We in turn are obliged to think about her intentions. If we recognize something of ourselves in these cute little creatures so much the better.

Her technique is illustrational rather than painterly and always it’s the big eyes, that look of startled surprise, which hold the viewer’s interest. Her work will be at Sooke Harbour House Gallery until May 28th.

The Dovekeeper, Oil on Board, 24 X 30, Carollyne Yardley, 2012

The Dovekeeper, Oil on Board, 24 X 30, Carollyne Yardley, 2012

Also thanks to Amy Smart of the Times Colonist

When: May 1-28. Opening reception May 6, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Why: Squirrel fanatic? This show’s for you. Everyone else? Well, if you’ve got a sense of humour, you may appreciate Carollyne Yardley’s wacky surrealist world. Sample painting: A squirrel with a woman’s body who is standing in a nest, cupping a bird in its hands and also wearing an elaborate feathered hat and powdered wig. Yardley specializes in creating imaginary creatures and characters through paintings, illustrations, multimedia, digital art and costume design.

– Amy Smart

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