Steam Punk Squirrel is getting around this big ‘ol world in so many fun and interesting ways!

I was contacted by Jacque Sutton, an Interior Design student at Southwest Florida College, Florida, USA, and she asked me if she could use the image of Steam Punk Squirrel for her project to design a room inspired by a painting!

Here is an overview of the project, and photo of the design board!

Southwest Florida College, Interior Design Program (Design Board by Jacque Sutton)

Southwest Florida College, Interior Design Program (design board by Jacque Sutton)

“I started Southwest Florida College in January. I am going for Interior Design. Our assignment was to design a room inspired by a  painting. I knew I wanted to do something different. I love squirrels and I even have one tattooed on my arm! I decided to start searching for “squirrel paintings”. It wasn’t long until I found this painting! I knew it was the one I wanted to use. I also loved the Sophisticated Squirrel, but I had used green in my previous project. I had fun picking out my fabrics, wall treatments, and flooring! The first fabric I found was the purple and black in the upper right corner of the board; it was perfect! When I presented the board, everyone loved it and I got many positive comments on the painting! When I got critiqued by my professor, she said it was the best board of the class. She took it to a conference to represent the school and now it is displayed in the front lobby of my school! I thoroughly enjoyed using your painting for my inspiration! Thanks again!”

Thanks again Jacque, I just adore your presentation board, and thanks so much for being inspired by Steam Punk Squirrel – and loving squirrels like I do!