I found a great website called QR Code Artist which is dedicated to art that uses QR codes inserted or used in some manner. I submitted Geisha Girl Squirrel, and the author of the blog Jim Dhaem wrote a a great write up. He knows his use of QR Codes!  Check out the website link. See the movement that is stretching outside of the traditional marketing arenas and the visual communications industry, and into fine art!

QR Code Artist blog post and article about Geisha Girl Squirrel & QR Code

QR Code Artist blog post and article about Geisha Girl Squirrel & QR Code

Geisha Girl Squirrel (and code or QR code, or secret code)

by  on Sep.10, 2011, under QR Code Art

Geisha Girl Squirrel & QR Code painting, Pop Surrealism

Very intriguing oil painting by Carollyne Yardleyof Victoria, BC. In September 2010, Carollyne launched her new business as a visual artist, and began to remove the mask of technology to emerge as her true self, standing with her hands on her hips, yelling and laughing at the squirrels in her yard.

“I view art and design as a process of thinking, creating, problem-solving, and communicating,” says Carollyne.

She cites a wide, eclectic range of influences that inspire her work””not just Dali, Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr, Pop Surrealism, Raphael, Ingres and Norman Rockwell, but also Lucille Ball, Elaine from Seinfeld, Wonder Woman, Elvis Presley, and helicopter rides.

She seems to have some rather civilized squirrels living in her backyard!

The hand painted QR Code points to www.Carollyne.com. I would have liked to see the QR Code have additional data added to it (?d=1), even if that data is not yet being used. This would allow for tracking and/or redirection to other pages on her site in the future. The URL with the data would be  www.carollyne.com/?d=1. Anything after the ”˜?’ in a URL is called the “Querystring”, which allows web programmers to read the data contained in the Querystirng. If the page is not programmed to read the data it is ignored;  in the future;  the page could be programmed to know that a QR Code scan with “d=1”³ is from the Geisha Girl Squirrel painting and track the number of hits or redirect the page to her latest work or a page specified by the purchaser of the artwork.