Hello all,

As many of you already know, I sold my first piece of original artwork a few weeks ago called, The Bagpiper Squirrel, from the Secret Squirrel series.
He is now in the collection of Dr. Jane Cameron (Calgary, Alberta).

It was the most delightful event in many ways. The excitement of selling my first piece, combined with Jane sharing her enthusiasm over receiving the piece. My joy was then fused with bear-hugging-through-cyber-space- and thanks-to-the-universe.  Feelings I will remember for a lifetime. I am so happy to have shared that adventure with Jane.

Dr. Jane Cameron is a lovely woman with a contagious smile, and a love for whisky and Scotland. She has also dedicated her professional life to helping people in times of grief.

I am most happy that the Bagpiper Squirrel will have an opportunity to bring a smile to the face of someone who is being counseled at her office.

In Dr. Jane Cameron’s owns words (and with permission), I share this with you readers:

Tea with Piper is becoming a habit. Afternoon shadows on the wall do not dampen the dappled sunlight, bright ears and intelligent eyes on the canvas. I imagine him piping familiar tunes and struggling on a few he would like to master. He, most certainly, is not shy.  With a quick glance, I am sure he is winking at me. Sometimes, he looks like he wants to leap into a dance. Not really a dance myself, I feel very content just sitting with him.”

“Thank you Carollyne for bringing him to life.”
Dr. Jane Cameron, Calgary, Alberta
And here he is enjoying tea at his new home:
Tea with Bagpiper Squirrel (photo by Dr. Jane Cameron)

Tea with Bagpiper Squirrel (photo by Dr. Jane Cameron)