Meeting Location & Time

The Big Pearl across from the Gate of Harmonious Interest (10:45am – 01:00pm)

1699 Government St, Victoria, BC- Canada

After the walk, meet at: Canoe Brew Pub

Date: July 24th, 2010

Sign up here and visit website:

A circuit of Old Town””some industrial, some decrepit, some gentrified, some funky, some upscale. Start at Government & Fisgard, along Government to Pembroke, through the industrial section to Store, along Store to Pandora, up Pandora to Fan Tan Alley (which Google doesn’t recognize), through the alley to Fisgard, down Fisgard, across Store, down Swift to the Canoe Brew Pub (minors OK). There will be a variety of urban sights and textures. Lots of buses one block east on Douglas. There is a city parkade in the 600 block of Fisgard on the same plaza where they will be meeting.