PARIS ”” It has been dismissed by opinion makers as “the decade that taste forgot” ”” the era of bell-bottom pants, glam rock glitter, clammy polyester, shrunken sweaters and a palette of orange, brown and avocado.

Yet suddenly ’70s style is being re-assessed ”” and not just by women embracing platform shoes as though the love affair were even more intense the second time around.

“The 1970s suffers from being discredited ”” but the reality is entirely different,” claims Olivier Saillard, the curator of a Paris exhibition that brings to virtual life an era of dancing, prancing models, experimental ready-to-wear fashion and, by the time the decade had segued into the ’80s, almost every trend that marked the final part of the last century.

“An Idealized History of Fashion” is the English translation of the show at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (until Oct. 10). And Mr. Saillard has done something few museums have the imagination to achieve: multimedia installations to bring each designer’s spirit to screen life.

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