Veteran Squirrel and his Bride

Veteran Squirrel and his Bride

The Veteran Squirrel and his Bride, is in progress (30). This is my first “squirrel couple” painting.
Most of the squirrels in our yard would disagree with this arrangement, since it’s every squirrel for his/herself where the nuts are concerned.

Along with my excitement for this new painting, we had an unfortunate casualty today.

Car  + squirrel running serpentine = dead squirrel. You have to imagine that’s the way it went down. Car driving straight, and the squirrels – they just get crazy when they cross the street.

The weird thing is (as if painting and being obsessed with squirrels isn’t weird enough), is that I recognize this old timer. Since taking
photos of “our” squirrels for my paintings, I’ve starting to see and recognize the unique characteristics in their faces.

Here’s what the Old Timer looked like before his accident today.

RIP Hungry One.


RIP Hungry One