It’s taken me a while to post these notes (Jan 2010), but I’m back dating.
This was a blind tasting of peaty whisky held at Pete’s house, so while I’ve noted the name of the whisky at the top of the notes,
I did my tasting  notes before I knew what they were. BIG NOTE: Almond Meal Chocolate Spinkle Cookies made by ROB were very, very, very, very good.

1) Ledaig
peaty, mild, base “like Glenmorangie”, earthy, could be a blend, real peat, industrial, pepper, plasticine on the nose, pepper ending, first make.
2) Highland Park Alchemist
apple nose, malty taste with mild taste, licorise, pepper, mild finish, a little oily coating on the tongue.
3) Douglas Laing Ardbeg 10 Old Malt Cask 338 bottles
fudge, caramel, salty
4) Ben Riach Aramaticus Fumosis 12 yo
pop taste, cream soda, medicinal, crofters fire
finished in dark rum
5) Bruicladdich 303
Butter, banana nose, smoke, not super hot at the end, wet wood, smoke cedar
6) Benromach peat smoke
fruity nose, apple/pear/grape/floral, dryer lint, purple, bubblegum
7) Cadenhead
meaty nose, spicey nose, Ardbegian
8) Laphroaig Premier Barrel
spicey, colonge, cheesy
9) Connemara (Irish)
10) PC7
BBQ, and cigarettes on the nose
Butter, cabinet, sweet, light, light Canadian Whisky